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    Rust server Sub maybe?

    Basically wanna know if its possible to get a rust server sub i wanna add content like bases, plugins with no bs tutorials, full set up server with plugins ready to download and run(will not find anywhere),skins, monuments

    Some examples of what's possible, please let me know what you think?


    Radiable Bases plugin:


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    Re: Rust server Sub maybe?

    I play this game a lot! I have a couple of regular servers.

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    Re: Rust server Sub maybe?

    The best option for you would be to create your own game server and play only on it! When you have your own server, it's easier to learn the game, play with your base design, and enjoy time with your friends before being killed by hordes of naked players with spears. Keep in mind that you need to make sure that your computer can host and play at the same time. Otherwise, you might not get the best experience. I often do this when I want to check out something new in the game, especially when I buy new skins [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. It's hard to get a foothold on some public servers with constantly packed lobbies. And some players just want to experiment in a world that's all their own!

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    Re: Rust server Sub maybe?

    Cant believe this flew under our noses for a year lol
    It is something I could add under misc. games and such. Idk how much activity it would bring but.