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    About me and why i opened trophy shop.

    Well hello everyone. I am no writer, but i will try to tell my story how i ended up here.

    So it all started in far 2005 when i got my modded Playstation One. Slim one, not fat. While others was playing on it in games like Silent Hill, Resident evil or Crash. My first games on it was Final Fantasy 9, Need for speeds especially Porcshe Unleashed (there was whole anrhology on one disc) and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2. While in Tony i played mostly with friends compiting with them in GOAT, Final Fantasy tooked most of my time as it was game for completing which i started to use dictionary. Because game was on english and internet was a rarity.

    But soon one of my friends got himself Playstation 2 and we started to gather at his place to play. First game on that console was NFS Most Wanted. Because console was once again chipped, soon we wrote so many games on DVD that in two years we played in all Playstation 2 exclusives and many more and because we was fans of anime and especially Naruto we played in all games in that franchase especially in the last games of Ultimate Ninja (best fighting ever) series in which we started to compete.

    Then i decided somewhere in 2007 that i need my own console and bought first in my life non chipped PSP 2000 with just one game on it. Soon came realization that games on it isn't cheap, so i heard about pandora battery and modified it as soon as the only game i had that was on it Final Fantasy 7:Crysis Core was totally discovered.

    Meanwhile there was an annoucement of GTA 4 and the same friend that bought Playstation 2 decided to take Xbox 360 for that. But it wasn't cheap eather so we buy it on two exchanging it every week. To be honest i didn't like it. Not because it wasn't chipped, but because of menu. After PSP it was looked completely unlogical. Anyway after we complete GTA 4 there was no interest for me to keep it and i give it away totally to friend returning to PSP. Then i heard of annoucement of Fallout 3 and it became my goal to play in it. I started to gather money on Playstation 3 and then was an annoucement of slim version. I decided to wait and it became my first unchipped console in my life. Most of my friends bought themeselfes they own PS3 so we started to exchange disc's. And well Fallout 3 became my first game in which i achived platinum. Thanks to the internet. Since then i started to play hard getting to platinum in most games.

    But there was games in which i wasn't able to get platinum or something else. And when i discovered a thing about a leaderboards on psnprofiles i decided to compete in it. But how do you can compete faster? My region was Finland and there wasn't much of players by that time (somewhere 2014). So i decided to exchange trophies with friend who was good in fightings. I was supposed to do for him both Fallouts and Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2 while he was supposed to clean up Mortal Kombat vs DC, Mortal Kombat 2009 and some other games that he can do. By that time i didn't know about game genie and that was my mistake. While i was playing games entirely, he done cleanups almost fairly (only DC universe) and simply hacked all others through GameGenie. Of course he didn't told me anything, so when i synchronized my progress with psnprofiles i got flagged in 5 games and banned from leaderboards. Since then trophy hunting is dead for me. But since i still love gaming i decided to sell people trophies in games that i was able to achive platinum offline or games i know since old days. And that is how i ended up first on NGU and then on Playersquared.

    Thanks for reading and hope it reminded you about your first games on each generation of consoles. Feel free to share your first games in comments.
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    Re: About me and why i opened trophy shop.

    Welcome to P2! I think I owned the same NFS game on my PlayStation back in the day, but I never owned THPS2 (I still need to buy the remasters!). I also think my modded PSP-1000 is still lying round my house somewhere!
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