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    Best Free Android Video Players Top 20 2021/2022

    Best Free Android Video Players, Top 20 2021/2022:
    My best choices, for Android devices.
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    With the sub-select:

    1) My Player: Video/Music Player, by Leorgo.
    Updated: 2. May. 22

    - Ads.
    - Turn off auto rescan in the settings, gear icon.

    2) Video Player Android - XPlayer, by InShot Inc.
    Updated: 11. Mar. 22

    - Ads.
    - Some audio/video loss, for old video formats.

    3) MV Player: Music/Video Player, by Leorgo.
    Updated: 6. Mar. 22

    - Ads.

    4) DIME 3D Player, by ElliteApps.
    Updated: 6. Jan. 22

    - 2D with 3D mode.
    - VR mode.

    5) Video player HD and compressor, by MediaphileStudio.
    Updated: 22. Oct. 21

    - App name: VD Player.
    - Support for chromecast, but no cast icon?

    6) Oplayer Lite, by OLIMSOFT.
    Updated: 8. Oct. 21

    - Cast.
    - Sub-select is next to the cast icon.
    - Some buffering/frezze problems.

    7) Video Player for Android, by Accountlab.
    Updated: 8. Oct. 21

    8) HD Video Player, by Simple Design Ltd.
    Updated: 2. Apr. 21

    - Ads.
    - Resume function.
    - Some buffering/frezze problems.

    9) Music Player - MP3 - Player, by VQplayer.
    Updated: 6. Oct. 20

    - App name: MPlayer.
    - Video included.
    - Music Floating Player, very good.

    10) S Video Player, by Park Ave.
    Updated: 4. Sep. 20

    - Lack of 10 seconds, forward and backward.

    11) SimplePlayer, by RG DEV.
    Updated: 11. Aug. 20

    - Not very good app design.
    - Long loading sometimes.
    - PIP mode (picture in picture) function, for multitasking.

    12) Videoplayer HD - All Format Videoplayer, by VQplayer
    Updated: 6. Oct. 2020

    - Bug: Disconnects bluetooth.

    Without the sub-select:

    1) IPTV Tidox Player - Play, Download or Cast, by Tidox.
    Updated: 22. Mar. 22

    - Cast music and videos.
    - Use VPN to download videos.
    - PIP mode (picture in picture) function, for multitasking.

    Phone used during the test:
    Samsung Galaxy A42 5G, Android 11.

    Apps for older and other devices:

    1) HD Video Player - Media Player All Format, by Carole Solution.
    Updated: 3. May. 22

    - App name: VIDEOPLAYER.
    - Ads.

    2) Pi Video Player - MP4 Player, All Format HD Player, by 100Pi Labs.
    Updated: 29. Mar. 22

    - Sub-select.
    - Resume function.

    3) All Format Video Players - Mixx, by video player lab.
    Updated: 20. Jan. 22

    - Sub-select, not sure it works on other devices.
    - 10 Seconds forward and backward, is bugged?
    - Cast.
    - Screen fill for newer devices.

    4) Kodi, by Kodi Fundation.
    Updated: 24. Oct. 21

    - Sub-select.
    - Nice clock function.
    - mp4 intro sound/lag problem.
    - Advanced to add videos.

    5) Soul Movie, by Bolero33.
    Updated: 30. Jan. 21

    - Sub-select.

    6) Video Player - A player, by Rank Growth.
    Updated: 3. Mar. 20

    - Ads.
    - App name: VM Video Player.

    7) Soul Movie TV, by Bolero.
    Updated: 20. Jan. 20

    - Sub-select.
    - For Google TV.

    8) HD Video Player, by Photo Editor & Collage Maker.
    Updated: 22. Aug. 19

    - Ads.
    - Sub-select.

    9) Dolphin Video - Flash Player for Android, by Dolphin Browser.
    Updated: 9. Mar. 17

    - Lack of screen filling function.

    For Android Tabs:

    1) Just (Video) Player, by Marcel Dopita.
    Updated: 11. May. 22

    - Advanced to find videos.
    - To select an embedded subtitle, tap the [CC] button (Closed Captions). To load external (non-embedded) subtitles, long press the file folder, to select the subtitle.

    2) View Play Media Player, by PlaysApps.
    Updated: 11. Mar. 22

    - App name: ViewPlayer.
    - Ads.
    - Cast.
    - Not English language, Spanish.

    3) GM Player, by Dimitris.
    Updated: 18. Feb. 21

    4) Lime Player, by Lime Player Team.
    Updated: 12. Apr. 20

    - Cast.
    - Lack of rotation function, but it has rotation button.

    5) Night Video Player - voice amplifier, by Clear Voice Teach.
    Updated: 12. Apr. 20

    - Sub-select.
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    Re: Best Free Android Video Players Top 20 2021/2022

    You can remove ads yourself by going into your settings on your phone & goto WiFi connections additional settings, find private DNS & add dns.adguard.com this will block ads for you.

    There are many methods to remove ads for an example; I've made a useful thread on where you can download these applications. If you have no experience in coding Languages you can download ApkTool M & decompile the app & run MPatcher which will remove ads for you just make sure you compile the app & sign it.

    For online ads you can change change the size of them once you get their ID which can be obtained from Developer Assistant, DevTools which ever one your interested in.

    Splayer is a alright video player if you have torrent files you can watch them right off the app at ease..
    Intelli Play is another application adfree it's an alternative to Xplayer.
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