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    Full tutorial Avee Player Premium 1.2.98

    So for those who want to know how to edit Avee Player To Premium for themselves instead of using a pre-modded app here is how you do it. I realized how many people like this application, so I thought I’d share with you how to modify the application without a man in the middle tool like LP or JP..

    I don't condoned bypassing any apps purchase mechanics but this developer is quite scummy tbh his app made you purchase to premium to remove ads, I already had purchased a license from the developer but he snuck in ads on the premium version making the premium version useless getting people re-buy a new license I thought that was scummy thing to do. So before
    made sure before creating this thread that nobody had made a tutorial on it without using lucky patcher. What is different in this tutorial is that I do it totally manually I just think maybe someday the developer might stop the lucky patch so how you would change your apps at least you will know how in this tutorial..

    To learn it yourselves, you should learn Java and Smali. So you’re going to need "MT Manager" to dig into the app itself. The keyword is "premium" download "Avee Player" from the Google store, open it once its open click on the hand-burger which is the 3 lines at the top left. You'll see a button for "Premium" it'll tell you what it will unlock when you're a premium user now close the app and open MT Manager you'll have to make an account up with a email or with a fake generated one totally up to yourself if you don't make account up it won't let you use the app..

    Once you have done that click on the three lines and click on "Extract APK" you will see two options User App & System App. You will have the option to search for it or scroll down until you find "Avee Player" and extract it and then Clink on the app again, you'll see 3 options Function, View and Install you want to click on view this will open the app up showing you basically everything that the app contains you want to click on the classes.dex and open with Dex Editor Plus. Now select all you should only see two as it hasn't been tampered with if the app only contains 1 Classes.dex then its a pre modded one anyway press OK. You will see these once you move forward.

    Explore any file that the app contains.

    Doesn't need a explanation.

    Has a lot of different features type in a "keyword" search type smali, class name, field name method name string Integer leave PATH as is you've also 3 buttons Search subdirectories, match case, and regex.

    This will have everything and anything the app contains without it being in folders.

    Back to the tutorial 😴 click on strings and tap on the filter type "premium" all small caps and click on Match case and OK it will search for that Pacific stringyou have typed in once the app is done searching the premium it'll find only 2 options to pick from google link and premium once you click premium it'll give you more options search cancel or OK tap search it will do a search inside the app and will find 3 results you'll see a folder with IAP2Design along with 2 files inside and another file called IAP2Design$Update Listener click on the first file ISKU_PREMIUM you'll be brought into the code itself and be highlighted on premium now you might go feck that haven't a clue totally lost if you slowly scroll down you'll start to understand you'll see a lot of premium values..

    If you scroll down a bit you'll come across registers 1 that will contain what we are looking for hopefully you haven't clicked away lmao.. You can see the line of code we’re looking for.

     # direct methods
    .method static constructor <clinit>()V
        .registers 1
        .line 46
        new-instance v0, Lcom/daaw/avee/Common/Events/WeakEventR1;
        invoke-direct {v0}, Lcom/daaw/avee/Common/Events/WeakEventR1;-><init>()V
        sput-object v0, Lcom/daaw/avee/Design/IAP2Design;->verifyDeveloperPayload:Lcom/daaw/avee/Common/Events/WeakEventR1;
        .line 47
        new-instance v0, Lcom/daaw/avee/Common/Events/WeakEventR2;
        invoke-direct {v0}, Lcom/daaw/avee/Common/Events/WeakEventR2;-><init>()V
        sput-object v0, Lcom/daaw/avee/Design/IAP2Design;->onPremium:Lcom/daaw/avee/Common/Events/WeakEventR2;
        .line 49
        new-instance v0, Lcom/daaw/avee/Common/Events/WeakEventR1;
        invoke-direct {v0}, Lcom/daaw/avee/Common/Events/WeakEventR1;-><init>()V
        sput-object v0, Lcom/daaw/avee/Design/IAP2Design;->onPurchasedSuccessfully:Lcom/daaw/avee/Common/Events/WeakEventR1;
        const/4 v0, 0x0
        .line 62
        sput-boolean v0, Lcom/daaw/avee/Design/IAP2Design;->premium:Z
    .end method

    All you want to do is change
    the condition from
    const/4 v0, 0x0 to cconst/4 v0, 0x1.
    After you have done this Click on the save icon which appears like a floppy disk keep going back until you see a hammer click on this will compile the changes you have made press the back button twice and a message box will pop up says Info File "classes.dex" has been modified do you want to update it make sure you click on Auto Sign and OK. You'll see the classes.dex file being in green this it's letting you know it's been modified go back again and you'll see the app name also highlighed in green this is the modified version file in green now click on install..

    It will pop up as a warning saying The APK and the installed applications signature information is inconsistent, whether to uninstall the application first click "OK" it will pop up saying uninstall the old version say OK again now it will prompt asking if you want to install the version you've just modified press install once you've installed it not reopen the app itself and accept its permissions it will force close just reopen it does that not sure why tbh but if you go to the premium button you'll see you've unlocked it go into settings and enabled the premium stuff like Disable Ads Always hide logo tap on each box now there you go you've modified your first app with help..

    At the end of it I showed a video I went into the recourses.arcs this is were you can change the colours of the app.

    Now for those who want to remove the premium button as there is no need for it now, now that the app is premium you'll need another application called "ApkEditorPro" it'll just make life easier for new people..

    Open ApkEditorPro you'll see a bunch of buttons
    Select an Apk file
    Select Apk from App
    Odex Patcher <--root only this option
    Delete History
    Sign Apk

    So you can either pick one or the other
    Select an Apk file fidn the field you just modified in a folder called MT2, apks and the app
    Select Apk from App scroll down until you find Avee Player

    Once you click on the app more options will be displayed
    Simple Edit (FILE REPLACEMENT)
    Common Edit
    XML File Edit

    Click on (Full Edit)
    Partial Files
    All Files

    Click on (All Files)

    Here you will see kinda the same as MT manager but less

    Click on (Files)
    A search bar is at the bottom click on it and type "Premium" with a cap at the start only clock on the microphone glass
    It will find 1 file res/value/strings.xml click on the folder
    You'll see 3 strings with numbers next to it as the do different things goto the first one (217) it'll open up the code for that string name called "menu_premium" click or tap lol on the 3dots more options are available but we only care about (Delete Lines)

    Delete Lines
    From Line No
    To Line No

    Enter 217 on each and press OK it will delete that line now get you keyboard out the way if it blocks your view to save and save same icon as last one press back until you back the your word your typed and not to fast cause you can quit out the app and you don't want to redo what you just done.

    If you click build it will attempt to build the app but a error will pop up if you read the error it will tell you the folders it's in or you can just (View) the error yourself and fix it but inside the error messages it also tell you the number of that line which is (2996) so click View same again click 3dots and delete the line (2996) if you read the line your about to delete its the same string name "menu_premium" you are deleting its function anyway once you delete the line save it and close that error box and hit build cause you now sorted out that error.

    But another error is going to pop up but it's the last error durthe second time your rebuilding the app same as before but this time it's not a string it's the button itself number (13) of you read it this button contains the same "menu_premium"
    Do the same delete the line save and close message box his time when you hit build its going to build the app without fail or error..

    Let it do its thing do not let it do the process in the background as it tends to close so stay on the screen until the process is done..

    Remove only if signature is different press this

    Install press this option

    Close don't close it otherwise you'll have to find the folder of ApkEditorPr and you'll have to fine the app you modified

    Now if you open the app the button is removed

    Hopefully you could understand all that and follow along
    If this helped you in any way leave a like on the thread shows me people are interested cause at the moment I feel nobody is take care.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    YouTube is being cunts right now they will only allow the video if it has copyright music in it but if I add my music into it they put the age restriction on it not sure how like but

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    Re: Full tutorial Avee Player Premium 1.2.98

    I subscribed to your YouTube cause i wont learn to and be about to use these can you mod a app for me RefaceAI i love sending them to my family and friends for a laugh but dont want to have to pay Β£27 just to use the app as it keeps reminding me have have to wait an hour to reuse it please brother thanks

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    Re: Full tutorial Avee Player Premium 1.2.98

    Originally Posted by PotatoGuy
    I subscribed to your YouTube cause i wont learn to and be about to use these can you mod a app for me RefaceAI i love sending them to my family and friends for a laugh but dont want to have to pay Β£27 just to use the app as it keeps reminding me have have to wait an hour to reuse it please brother thanks
    If you go to my other threads such as "Request Apps To Be Modded Properly" you've to like to see the download like to Reface..