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    PUNISHER-PREMIER'S Legit Trophy Service - starting at $1


    Hello fellow trophy hunters! I just recently retired from trophy hunting and decided on my next step, helping others earn legit trophies.
    To reiterate, all trophies will be earned legit, no saves and no hacks being used.

    Here is a quick résumé of my profile:

    #48 in the world (4th in the U.S.) in only 2 and a half years

    68.18 trophies per day

    99.73 completion percentage

    Between all of the sub-accounts I've created over the years, from all major regions (NA, EU, AS, JP) the games available for me to do are pretty much endless and all are listed in the spoilers below.

    I have an almost endless amount of ps3 games so I won't list any of those in the lists below. If you want it, chances are very high I have it. Don't hesitate to ask.

    All games below are ps4 unless stated otherwise. Most of the quick games are stackable between ps4 and ps5 so if you want both versions done, obviously there will be an extra charge.

    For the $1 games, a minimum of 5 games will need to be selected.

    I can work with you on when games get done. My usual gaming time is late at night when most US and EU gamers are sleeping so we can avoid having multiple games played at the same time.

    All trophies are earned in the fastest turnaround possible since I no longer game myself anymore. And most important, all orders are done in the most discreet way possible.

    Easiest way to contact me is though Discord:

    $1 GAMES
    All Games Below Available In All Regions and Both Systems If Possible

    a winters daydream
    a year of springs
    ammo pigs: cocked and loaded
    astrology and horoscope premium
    ball lab
    big dipper
    blind men
    bowling: story 1 (mark version)
    bowling: story 2 (mark version)
    bowling: story 3 (mark version)
    bowling: story 1 (pammy version)
    bowling: story 2 (pammy version)
    bowling: story 3 (pammy version)
    bowling: story 4 (pammy version)
    bowling: story 1 (jane version)
    bowling: story 2 (jane version)
    bowling: story 3 (jane version)
    bowling: story 4 (jane version)
    breakthrough avoid them challenge mode
    breakthrough baseball challenge mode
    breakthrough baseball 2 player
    breakthrough baseball 2 player challenge mode
    breakthrough baseball 3 player
    breakthrough baseball 3 player challenge mode
    breakthrough baseball 4 player
    breakthrough baseball 4 player challenge mode
    breakthrough basketball
    breakthrough bowling
    breakthrough catch the bowling balls
    breakthrough catch the bowling balls challenge mode
    breakthrough get to the top 2
    breakthrough ice hockey
    breakthrough pinball
    breakthrough racing challenge mode
    breakthrough racing challenge mode 2 player
    breakthrough racing 2 player
    breakthrough racing 3 player
    breakthrough racing 4 player
    breakthrough rock, paper, scissors
    breakthrough soccer
    breakthrough space
    breakthrough space 2 challenge mode
    breakthrough space 2 2 player
    breakthrough space 2 3 player
    breakthrough space 2 4 player
    breakthrough track
    burger run
    can you escape
    castle of no escape
    castle of no escape 2
    chickens on the road
    crazy gravity
    cross the moon
    cyber engine
    cyber pool
    dating life: miley x emily
    disco cannon airlines
    dr oil
    dreaming canvas
    easter candy run
    easter candy run
    even the ocean
    from earth to heaven
    funny truck
    gav gav odyssey
    immortus temporus
    jack n jill dx
    legends of talia: arcadia
    lents adventure: story one
    lump jump
    mages and treasures
    mastho is together
    memories of east coast
    memory lane
    memory lane 2
    milos quest
    mina and michi
    nowhere girl
    our church and halloween: story 5 (scott version)
    our church and halloween: story 5 (james version)
    palm reading premium
    pity pit
    pukan bye bye
    quick mafs
    quick mafs advanced
    radioactive dwarfs
    rally racing
    reminiscence in the night
    richys nightmares
    rift racoon
    road bustle
    round invaders
    saint patricks day run
    santas workshop
    sinuca attack
    skatemasta tcheco
    snake boat: otterrific arcade
    space explorers: red planet
    space intervention
    space kabaam
    space kabaam 2
    space revenge
    space run
    steam engine
    super weekend mode
    syrup and the ultimate sweet
    taco run
    takorita meets fries
    the basketball b
    the bronze age
    the cow g
    the czech run
    the explorer of the night
    the jekoos
    the jumping burger
    the jumping burger turbo
    the jumping fries
    the jumping fries turbo
    the jumping hot dog
    the jumping hot dog turbo
    the jumping pizza
    the jumping taco
    the jumping sandwich
    the jumping sandwich turbo
    the jumping soda
    the jumping soda turbo
    the ketchup story
    the marauder chronicles: curse over valdria
    the pigeon p
    the pizza delivery boy who saved the world
    the sheep p
    the slovak run
    top gun air combat
    ultra mission
    vengeful heart
    venus: improbable dream
    weben blocks
    welcome to the world of zj
    would you like to run an idol cafe 2
    zeroptian invasion
    zippy the circle: level 1 and 2
    zippy the circle: level 3 and 4
    zippy the circle: level 5, 6, 7
    zippy the circle: level 8, 9, 10
    zippy the circle: levels 11, 12, 13
    zippy the circle: level 1c and 2c
    zippy the circle: level 3c and 4c
    zippy the circle: level 5c, 6c, 7c
    zippy the circle: level 8c, 9c, 10c
    zippy the circle: level 11c, 12c, 13c
    zj the ball: level 1
    zj the ball: level 2
    zj the ball: level 4
    zj the ball: level 5
    zj the ball challenge mode level 1c
    zj the ball challenge mode level 2c
    zj the ball challenge mode level 3c
    zj the ball challenge mode level 4c
    zj the ball challenge mode level 5c

    $3 GAMES
    All Games Below Available In All Regions and Both Systems If Possible

    112th seed
    20 bunnies
    6 souls
    a day without me
    a hero and a garden
    a sketchbook about her sun
    a summer with the shiba inu
    aery: little bird adventure
    alien destroyer
    apple slash
    arcade archives: aero fighters 2
    arcade archives: aero fighters 3
    arcade archives: art of fighting 2
    arcade archives: contra
    arcade archives: double dragon
    arcade archives: fatal fury 2
    arcade archives: kid niki radical ninja
    arcade archives: moon cresta
    arcade archives: nam 1975
    arcade archives: ninja kazan
    arcade archives: ninja kid 2
    arcade archives: nova 2001
    arcade archives: pac man
    arcade archives: real bout: fatal fury
    arcade archives: real bout: fatal fury special
    arcade archives: renegade
    arcade archives: robo army
    arcade archives: rygar
    arcade archives: scramble
    arcade archives: sengoku 2
    arcade archives: shock troopers
    arcade archives: shusse ozumo
    arcade archives: spin master
    arcade archives: street hoop
    arcade archives: super pac man
    arcade archives: terra cresta
    arcade archives: the last blade 2
    arcade archives: world heroes perfect
    autumns journey
    bai qu: hundreds of melodies
    barry the bunny
    baseball bout: otterrific arcade
    bff or die
    bird game
    blindfold vr
    blitz breaker
    blow and fly
    bouncy bullets
    bouncy bullets 2
    brave match
    breakneck city
    breeder homegrown
    broken pipe
    brotherhood united
    bucket knight
    bullet beat
    bunny memory
    burger break
    c14 dating
    cake invaders
    can androids pray blue
    castle of pixel skulls
    castle pals
    cave bad
    circus pocus
    clash force
    concept destruction
    crimson spires
    crisis wing
    crossbow crusade
    cybarian: the time traveling warrior
    cybxus heart
    dark sauce
    dead dust
    deep space rush
    dont touch this button
    donuts n justice
    dreaming sarah
    drizzlepath: deja vu
    drunken fist
    dull grey
    dungeon escape
    dungeons and bombs
    dyna bomb
    earth marines
    energy cycle
    enter the digiton
    evan, daniel and friends
    evil inside
    farm frenzy: refreshed
    finger fitness
    flat kingdom
    football game
    foxyland 2
    fractured minds
    freddy spaghetti 2
    gaps by powgi
    gardeners path
    ghost sweeper
    golf zero
    gravity duck
    gun crazy
    halloween candy break head to head
    henchman story
    hoggy 2
    homestar vr special edition
    horned knight
    ice cream break
    ice cream break h2h
    iro hero
    jack n hat
    jigsaw finale
    jigsaw solace
    ladders by powgi
    little adventure on the prairie
    mages and treasures
    magic walk
    many faces
    midnight deluxe
    mochi mochi boy
    more dark
    moto roader mc
    mr massagy
    music racer ultimate
    my maite
    nape retroverse collection
    nekopara vol 1
    nekopara vol 3
    null drifter
    one escape
    one eyed kutkh
    one eyed lee and the dinner party
    one word by powgi
    our church and halloween rpg: story 1
    our church and halloween rpg: story 2
    our church and halloween rpg: story 3
    our church and halloween rpg: story 4
    our church and halloween rpg: story 5 (james version)
    our church and halloween rpg: story 5 (scott version)
    paradox error
    paradox soul
    personality and psychology premium
    peasant knight
    pizza break head to head
    planet rix 13
    pretty girls panic plus
    project starship
    project starship x
    puzzle frenzy
    queeny army
    radio squid
    ravva and the cyclops curse
    red death
    reed 2
    rogue explorer
    rush rover
    saint patricks day break head to head
    slap the rocks
    soul dimension vr
    squad killer
    storm boy
    strawberry vinegar
    sun wukong vs robot
    super destronaut dx
    super destronaut dx 2
    super destronaut: land wars
    super onion boy 2
    super wiloo demake
    superhero x
    sushi break
    sushi break 2
    sushi break 2 h2h
    sushi break head to head
    sushi break head to head 2
    swordbreaker the game
    tarot readings premium
    task force kampas
    the prince of landis
    the skylia prophecy
    the song out of space
    the station
    the storytale
    the wizard and the slug
    thunder kid
    thunder kid 2
    tic tac letters by powgi
    tower of balloons: otterrific arcade
    trails and traces: the tomb of thomas tew
    trivia for dummies
    ultragoodness 2
    vera blanc: full moon
    vera blanc: ghost in the castle
    virtuous western
    void gore
    whiskey mafia: franks story
    whiskey mafia: leos family
    wild west crops
    without escape
    wordbreaker by powgi
    would you like to run an idol cafe 2
    yoko and yuki: dr rats revenge
    zero strain
    zero zero zero zero

    $5 GAMES
    All Games Below Available In All Regions and Both Systems If Possible

    active neurons
    aery: a journey beyond time
    aery: broken memories
    alba: a wildlife adventure
    awesome pea
    cat interstellar
    catty and batty: the spirit guide
    coaster vr
    cross krush
    crypto by powgi
    duck souls
    evans remains
    freddy spaghetti
    grass cutter
    heroes trials
    hex tunnel touch
    horror tales: the wine
    inferno 2
    iron snout
    just ignore them
    kingdom of arcadia
    love choice
    mekabolt +
    minigolf tour
    my hidden things
    my name is mayo 3
    neon junctions
    normans great illusion
    olivers adventures in the fairyland
    red bow
    roombo: first blood
    super box land demake
    super destronaut: land wars
    the mooseman
    thunder paw
    waifu impact
    warlocks tower
    word wheel by powgi
    you are being followed vr
    zombo buster advance

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    Re: PUNISHER-PREMIER'S Legit Trophy Service - starting at $1

    All games added and all games priced. Officially open for business

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    Re: PUNISHER-PREMIER'S Legit Trophy Service - starting at $1

    Hi. Do you have Shift Quantum NA for PS4?
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    Re: PUNISHER-PREMIER'S Legit Trophy Service - starting at $1

    Fortnite & Gran Turismo Sport & GTA 5 instant Platinum .. How Much ?
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