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    ► PS4 Trophy Shop | Instants ✓ | Cloned Timestamps ✓ | 11000+ Games! ◄

    Welcome to my PS4 Trophy Shop, where I help you to unlock the trophies you need. Whether you're an experienced gamer or a newcomer, my service will provide you with the advantage you need to attain the highly coveted platinum trophies and boast about your achievements with pride.
    I'm modding my own and other peoples Trophies for nearly 8+ years.

    And now the best thing you don't even have to own the games! You just want all Call of Dutys or any other game series on your account for example? No problem!

    Everything will be done on latest firmware, so you don't have to worry any bans. I'm trying to add daily new games to my collection.

    What can I offer you?
    → Over 11500+ games to choose from!
    → Instant Timestamps
    → Cloned Timestamps
    → Fast delivery time

    Contact Options:
    Attachment 1128 Discord: tzwaq
    Attachment 1356 Telegram: @tzwaq

    Payment Options:
    Attachment 1129 PayPal
    Attachment 1379 PSN Cards | US & UK only

    Orders fulfilled on P2 so far: 17!
    Read their feedback here:

    Originally Posted by 丂卂ㄥ卂爪卂几匚卂307
    Good job brother sure people were satisfied with your service, I can attest that it was already secured together and everything went as plan.
    Originally Posted by Wondxrz
    Highly recommended! Never had an issue with this service. I have used these services various times and there is never any issue. The work provided is great, fast, and keeps you updated at all times with the process of your games. Any game you would like to have platinum or are struggling with a trophy this person is the right one to go to. Keep up the great work!
    Originally Posted by Death_Spirit2020
    Very satisfied with everything! Wohle process went quickly reliable and at a fair Price i would use his service at any time. keep up good work
    Originally Posted by vaerox9
    Trusted vendor for years. I can recommend any of his services. 100% satisfied and fast delivery <33
    Originally Posted by sgtcollela
    Esse eu garanto galera ja fiz varios trabalhos com ele e sempre foi muito honesto e correto podem ir sem medo é de total confiança.

    This one I guarantee, guys, I've done several jobs with him and he's always been very honest and correct, you can go without fear, he's completely trustworthy.
    Originally Posted by Walter Sullivan
    serious person to do business with. as soon as contacted he was immediately available and kind. it doesn't cost too much and above all it was fast.I recommend its services to everyone
    Originally Posted by pirillo
    Serious and fast seller!! He is very honest.
    I will buy from him againg
    Originally Posted by Xiz
    100% legit keep up the good work !
    Originally Posted by picchiopacchiopiupacchio
    Hi everyone.
    I tried this things for the first time and i can assure all of you that he’s serious and fast.
    Good job man 👍
    Originally Posted by DavideCrascì
    Perfect service, this man working hard, and very very fast, 10 stars for you Bro. 💪. High rec
    Originally Posted by ARTHURIUSS
    So fast and polite. My go to guy from now onwards. You can trust him completely.
    Originally Posted by quadsteel
    Easily recommended service, dude was lightning fast at it!
    Originally Posted by Walim_ahsene
    This person is serious in his business, the deal was really quick as soon as I sent him information he respond and the trophy popped in few seconds
    Plus he is nice and the price doesn't cost much, I recommend.
    Originally Posted by pirillo
    Always a pleasure to deal with you. Very honest and quick. I will buy again from him for sure!!
    Originally Posted by ARTHURIUSS
    Placed another order and it went perfectly. Order got done in an hour. Amazing hassle free service in no time at all.
    Biggest bang for your buck service against the competition.
    Originally Posted by turbogta
    Great seller. I answered quickly, agreed, completed the order quickly. Answered all the questions. I will definitely apply again! Thanks!
    Originally Posted by RedNova
    Amazing seller, way too fast at syncing. Recommend him to anyone.

    1. Will I be banned by Sony for using your service?
      No, it is not possible to be banned by Sony. I ensure the safety of the service by using a fully updated console on OFW for synchronization.

    2. How long will it take for my order to be completed?
      Orders typically take less than 1-2 working days to be completed. I strive to complete orders as quickly as possible. Usually I'm doing them on the same day, depending of the timezone ofc.

    3. Is there a minimum amount I need to spend for the service?
      Yes, a minimum of 10€ per order is required for my services.

    4. Can I still play games on my account during the process of the order?
      Yes, you can continue to play games online while I work on your order. I will only access your account for synchronization purposes when prepared everything.

    5. Do I need to specify the region for games with multiple region stacks?
      Yes, it is necessary to specify the region you prefer for games with multiple regions. If you do not specify a region, I will choose one at random. If you are unsure which games have multiple regions, you can specify the region you prefer for all games.

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    Re: ► PS4 Trophy Shop | Instants ✓ | Cloned Timestamps ✓ | 11000+ Games! ◄

    New Milestone achieved! 9000+ Plats synced!


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    Re: ► PS4 Trophy Shop | Instants ✓ | Cloned Timestamps ✓ | 11000+ Games! ◄

    Amazing seller, way too fast at syncing. Recommend him to anyone.

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    Re: ► PS4 Trophy Shop | Instants ✓ | Cloned Timestamps ✓ | 11000+ Games! ◄

    Hi, just sent a pm about the prices and game availability. Hope to hear from you soon

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    Re: ► PS4 Trophy Shop | Instants ✓ | Cloned Timestamps ✓ | 11000+ Games! ◄

    Originally Posted by reidouraidou
    Hi, just sent a pm about the prices and game availability. Hope to hear from you soon
    Replied. :-)

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    Re: ► PS4 Trophy Shop | Instants ✓ | Cloned Timestamps ✓ | 11000+ Games! ◄

    Bump, Bump!

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