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    RUMOR: TheFl0w Coming to the PS4 Scene? — Possible Exploits Above 6.20?

    Rewinding back two years ago, @SpecterDev released the 5.05 Kernel Exploit with the help of @Qwertyoruiopz and Open Orbis. Not only was this an accomplishment, this is the biggest and baddest exploit we've seen so far for the PlayStation 4. From all over the country, everyone has been wanting an exploit above 5.05 for a while. Specter explained why he doesn't believe moving to a higher firmware can do nothing but waste time. You can watch the full live stream video of him explaining everything necessary here. In summary, they would have to restructure the entire base they have, and try to fix everything that Sony has changed in between firmwares. WIth the SDK they're developing now, we can see releases starting to release soon. @SpecterDev has made it clear on why he doesn't see it happening, and why 5.05 is the main firmware we should stick on.

    With this in mind, yesterday, PS Vita Hacker @TheFl0w had tweeted out the following:

    "Somebody wanna donate me a 6.20FW PS4?
    Also don‘t update past FW 6.20 if you want a kxploit.
    Alright my man @qwertyoruiopz has me one."
    This might be him attempting to joke around as he has tweeted before about PS4-related jokes. As we are unsure if this is going to be legit, there's things to take in mind. For example, could it be possible to see @TheFl0w join Open Orbis? The entire possibility to see a real amazing team come together to deliver high-quality exploits has its chance. Now, we're taking this with a grain of salt until we get confirmation, but in my observation, this can potentially happen.

    In other words, for those who do not know who @TheFl0w is, he is one of the few who have successfully hacked the Vita, created many tools, and got some of his worked star'd by a play station developer for his complex written projects making him one of the best hackers out there in my opinion.

    Can we expect releases from The Flow? Of course! He's released major projects and tools for the entire Vita community. While having the PS4 Developer Wikipedia documented daily by other developers, he can always use it for assistance. Yes, it's possible to see new entry points, kernel exploits, and jailbreaks for higher firmwares 6.20 and above, but let's just have hope and be patient.

    Open Orbis has been working on their official build of the SDK. This can open up opportunities for all developers to build home-brew applications and tools. We know it's been a silent marathon for the PS4 Scene, but this is a major change for the community coming soon. Expect a release that could be around the corner if everything is aligned correctly. @SpecterDev and CrazyVoid has been teasing more of their SDK tools on Twitter recently. This tweet below is a showcase by Specter of his PS4 Payload Loader.

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