Earlier on March 10th, 2020, we found out @TheFl0w teased us with a tweet stating he wanted a PlayStation 4 running on 6.20 Firmware. The entire community felt confused on whether this was false or not. Today, we've verified @TheFl0w has been working on the PlayStation in the shadows. We can't confirm what type of vulnerability he's found, but we do know he's getting ready to attack the console in a very... very complex way.

"I didn't have any vulnerabilities when I wrote that. Now I have. 3 days later "
— TheFl0w

I know everyone has questions about what's going on, and don't understand reverse engineering language. Let's try to simplify it.

There are multiple WebKit Exploits out in the wild, but this wasn't considered as "Jailbreak". This is an entry point to poke and look around. With this in mind, we're expecting a kernel exploit coming from @TheFl0w soon. With no release date, I'm going to personally say it could potentially be paired with Open Orbis' PS4 SDK. Combining both could be a deadly mix-up for the community allowing us to do more than ever before. When the exploit does release, it'll take a few weeks for things to be stable in order for end-users to use it. If you've been laying around a console on a firmware higher than 5.05 but lower than 6.20, you're in luck.

As a result, the PlayStation 4 is back in action. It's time to take them out of the closet. Once we find out more about the vulnerability, we'll go in-depth about it in detail here on PlayerSquared. I'll attempt to speak with developers to gain more insight over the situation. Make sure to follow @SpecterDev, @TheFl0w, and @CrazyVoid for constant news over this. What do you think will happen? Could this kernel exploit allow us to control the console in different ways than ever before?