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    Metal Gear Solid V Encrypt \ Decrypt Saves (PS4 \ PC)

    Hello everyone!

    I've tried to re-region saves from CUSA01140 to CUSA01154, but it turned out that there is 2nd layer of encryption. Each file inside the "MGSVTPPSaveDataNA" is encrypted with a different key than it would be in "MGSVTPPSaveDataEU".

    Using the program from that repository, you can translate files inside, one by one, and make them compatible.
    A jailbreakable console is still needed to decrypt standard PS4 save encryption and encrypt SaveData afterward.
    You can also translate your saves to a PC version of the game.

    Below is a link to a couple of saves from various regions, that I've successfully re-regioned to CUSA01154.

     You must thank the post to view hidden content/download!

    EDIT: Added compatibility with Ground Zeroes save files, but for this game, PS4 saves will not work on PC and vice versa.
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    Re: Metal Gear Solid V Encrypt \ Decrypt Saves (PS4 \ PC)

    PC/PS4 saves are the best

    Thank you for your effort 😁

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    Re: Metal Gear Solid V Encrypt \ Decrypt Saves (PS4 \ PC)

    good morning @FATHERCOMSTOCK .I am a game save creator for MGS5.

    I create custom backups with cheat engine on pc. then I share with the community as well.

    I watched your profile and found that you didn't share any savegames for msg5.

    if you want to accept I would like to work with you. in order to transfer the saves to ps4.

    I currently have good game saves that I could share with you if you wish.

    1/ it's a save that contains 3500 S++ soldiers in several units

    2/snake prosthetic arm skills on soldiers.

    3/modded weapons.

    4/ a unique character who was hidden in the game files (character infected)

    5/resources max

    let me know if you are interested please. a game save like this should be of interest to everyone

    I known you thank to by mi5hmash . you transferred one of my backup on ps4. I also wanted to thank you for that
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