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    Save Wizard FAQ

    • Added Missing License Key.
    • You can add cheats to 5.53 saves and below.
    • You can resign saves on 5.53 and below.
    • 4.50 saves cannot be opened in advance mode and need to be updated to a higher firmware by copying to and from your PS4.
    • Missing License Key
    • Proper Save Submitting
    • Adding A Profile
    • Resigning Saves
    • How to Use Import to Re Region Saves
    • Game Save Modding
    • FAQ

    Missing License Key*
    For a vast majority of users, purchasing goes without an issue. Sometimes things don't always go as they should. Here's what to do if that happens to you:
    1) The License Key will be sent to the primary email address as registered on PayPal. You NEED access to it. PayPal states you should keep the email active and have access to it at ALL times.
    If it's incorrect or you have issues accessing it, then go to the Save Wizard Support Page and click the link for "Missing License Key" and fill out the form required. This is an automated service so if you enter any information incorrectly or there is an issue with PayPal, then you will receive no response.
    2) Some email providers such as those that supply web.*, gmx.* and refuse to accept our emails.
    In this case, go to the Save Wizard Support Page and click the link for "Missing License Key" and fill out the form required. This is an automated service so if you enter any information incorrectly or there is an issue with PayPal, then you will receive no response.
    3) If you have access to the primary email address supplied by PayPal then check PayPal for issues. Sometimes PayPal may do additional checks for security or certain payment methods may take a few days to clear.
    4) Check any spam/junk folders as your email provider/software may have placed it there.
    5) Please allow at LEAST 24 hours before contacting us.
    6) If after that time you have still not received your License Key then go to the Save Wizard Support Page and click the link for "Anything else" and fill out the form with the following information:
    Full name as registered on PayPal.
    Email address as registered on PayPal.
    Transaction ID.
    Date of purchase.
    An alternative email address to contact you.

    Proper Save Submitting

    Every Save you submit needs as much detail as possible and needs to be in .zip format. It is a great idea to include screenshots within your .zip as it will reduce the work you have to put in when you submit it. (I'll discuss that below) It's crucial to submit a save properly otherwise you risk your game request not being added as they need saves from every region. Improperly doing so will result in your game not being added, or the chance that someone else will miss out on a save. Below I have gone into detail about what they do want and do not want when saves are submitted:
    • Has Cheats
      It's great that you made a cheat for the game that savewizard has supported, but they don?t want saves for that. They'd rather encourage you to submit your information on forums to create a discussion and a pool of information. You can create a thread here on PS for instance and include details about what you did and I'm sure it will help out others.
    • Multiple Submissions
      Let me be clear what I mean by this. If you have multiple saves to submit then that's good. However, they DO NOT want the same email to submit the same save in rapid succession. (This is Grey's words) If you submitted your save then there is nothing more you need to do unless you know someone who has a different region for the save. If that?s the case, have them submit it.*
    • Spamming Discord
      Its cool if you come on the discord chat and say a certain game should be added and get a general consensus about it. Creates conversation and gives feedback about who wants it. However, coming in the discord chat and saying "pls add X game!! Kthx!" doesn't help anyone. If you want a game simply submit the save.
    • Include System Firmware
      Its important to include this in the event the save you're submitting has an unsupported firmware. It is rather annoying downloading a save here on PS only for it to end up being a 5.00 Save and not a 4.74 save. I'm sure they feel the same way as we do about this.*
    • Include Game Version
      Some updates change the way certain lines are written within the save and It reduces the time they spend if they don't have to find that out since you already included it.
    • DLC Y/N
      DLC changes the line of code for some saves. They do want saves sent in with DLC and saves without DLC. It's not a huge deal if it has either of those, but it is an issue when you don?t specify it as it can lead to them adding a cheat and it ends up not working and have to spend more time fixing it.
    • Images
      I got confirmation from Grey regarding this and it'?s best to include any images you may have in the .zip of your save rather than an image URL. You can download a screenshot from your PS4 by navigating to Settings>System Storage >Internal Storage > Capture Gallery> Find the image and hit options and copy it to a USB. Some good images to submit would be your level, money, skills, skill points, inventory, and characters.
    • What to Name Your Save
      Before you send you're save in, your folder will still be CUSAXXXXX. This is crucial that it does not get changed. The only part you rename is the .zip. Your .zip should be renamed to so, for example, this will become: Note: It?s come to my intention people were renaming the folders then creating a .zip. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Please rename the .ZIP NOT the folder. To further explain what I mean I?ve included an example below:
      Folder Name: CUSA00527
      Region: US
      Game Version: 1.51
      .Zip is renamed to the following:

    Adding A Profile


    First, you need a save on a supported firmware from the user you plan to use. It's strongly recommended to have two profiles. One profile for your main account and one for testing saves to make sure nothing pops that you don't want to. Instructions on how to copy a save can be found below:

    Step One: Navigate to settings and locate "Application Saved Data Management"

    Step Two: Select "Saved Data In System Storage"

    Step Three: Select "Copy to USB Storage Device"

    Step Four: Locate the save you want and select it.*

    Step Five: Once you select it, navigate to where it says "Copy" and it will copy to your USB.

    Now that you have your save, open Save Wizard and double-click on a game and then right click on the save and select "Register Profile".

    You'll then receive a pop up like so. Rename this to something unique and click "Apply".*

    Resigning Saves

    At the time of writing this guide you can only resign saves from Firm Ware 5.53 and belowClick the tab "Resign" and then "Import".

    Choose a .zip save and click "Open" (Has to be .zip)

    Double-click on the region version and highlight the save you want. Once the save is highlighted click "Import".

    You'll then be prompted to pick a user to import the save to. Once the import is complete your save is ready to be used.

    How to Use Import to Re Region


    Note: This guide is assuming you already have knowledge of how to obtain saves.

    • Save Wizard Installed.
    • USB Device Inserted.
    • Desired save from another region.
    • Your save from your region already copied to your flash drive.


    • Remove any saves on your PS4 for the game.
    • Delete any parts of the saves that are not important in case they are interfering. (Profile saves and Game Options)

    You can see a video below (Credit to my pal Cali for the thumbnail.) :

    Step 1: Complete the requirements above.
    Step 2: Open Save wizard.
    Step 3: Click on the tab "Resign" and import the save from the region that isn't yours. (The file has to be .zip)

    Step 4: Once the save is imported click the "Cheats" tab.
    Step 5: Double click on the game name and right click on the save.
    Step 6: Click "Advance mode"

    Step 7: Click the "Export" Icon.

    Step 8: Save the exported save in a folder called "GAME NAME REGION NAME Export"

    If you did Step 1 you should already have a save from your account on the USB. This is needed to continue the other steps. If you haven?t done so, please do so now.

    Step 9: Find the game save from your account and double click on the game name and right click on the save then click "Advance Mode".
    Step 10: Replace the first value (Value=Number) with the same value (If the first value is 5, you put a 5).
    Before replacing a value the apply button looks like so: *
    After replacing a value the apply button looks like this: *
    If you don't replace the value before you click import then you get the following error:
    Step 11: Click the "Import" Icon.
    Step 12:Select the file you exported earlier. (It should be in a folder called "GAME NAME REGION Export"
    Step 13: Once completed, click "Apply"

    Step 14: Close Save Wizard*
    Step 15: Remove the USB and insert it into your PS4 on ether port.
    Step 16: Power on your PS4 and navigate to settings and locate "Application Saved Data Management"

    Step 17: Click "Saved Data On USB Device" and select "Copy to System Storage".
    Step 18: Select the save you want and copy it to your system.

    Game Save Modding


    For a guide on Custom Quick Code Format see here.

    Part One: "Quick Mode" can be accessed by double-clicking the game save region and then right-clicking the save and selecting "Quick Mode".

    Within quick mode, you'll see a list of pre-set cheats depending on what game you're using. If your game has "Advance Mode" then you're able to add a custom "Quick Mode" cheat by right clinking on a supported cheat and select "Add Cheat"

    You can find the values for "Codes" through advance mode. It may corrupt your save, or make it crash so be warned.*

    Part Two: "Advance Mode" can be accessed by double-clicking the game save region and then right-clicking the save. Select Advance Mode and read all the pop-ups. Within advance mode, you'll find the Hex values for the save data. There is a lot to explain about this so I'll have to comeback to it later on. Using "Advance Mode" can result in your save being corrupted so make sure to make a backup. (Save Wizard stores them if you checked this option.)

    At the top right, you may notice the icons. I've taken the liberty of labeling each one for those of you newer to this.*

    • Search
      The easiest values you can search for is Gold, Exp, Item Names, Character Names, and pretty much anything that has a set number within the game. Depending on the game, you may have to search for the values backwards (reversing the order) or dividing by half. In order to search for standard numbers, you'll need to search for "Dec" values. If you would like to convert the values to "Hex" then you can do so using windows calculator in programmer mode.

    • Undo/Redo
      Ii the event you type something on accident or erase something/undo too far.
    • Go To Location
      Type in the Offset you'd like to jump to.
    • Export
      This allows you to export a decrypted save so you can use it in an external program to make modifications like HxD, or any game save editor.*
    • Import
      Allows you to Import exported files.

    HxD Guide (Coming Soon)


    • "Where do I submit saves?"
      Here or on NGU
    • "They"re missing my region. What can I do?"
      Send in your save following the normal standards except put in the description (missing region)
    • "The DLC Save isn't supported. Do I submit them?"
      Yes. Submit the DLC save as normal just make note that it is a DLC Save. They don?t guarantee to support DLC saves though.
    • "My Save is larger than 40mb. Where do I submit it?"
      Submit your save as you would normally with as much detail as you can. Since your save is 40mb you can't upload it there so state that in the description. They can email you about the save in question, or they can use Twitter to put out any saves they need. Alternatively, if you feel you might lose it, create a zip and upload it to Mediafire and link it in the details.
    • "I submitted my save, why haven't they added the game?"
      They get a lot of requests and some games have double encryption to higher which makes it harder to add cheats to it. This is becoming more and more common as more games are made. The game you're requesting may not have a lot of request for it so it's on the lower part of the list. Sometimes games get added because someone got bored working on a project and wanted something easier to do. So you may see your game added even though not many wanted it. (Fat Princess Adventures was one of these.)
    • 'I have some cheats and would like to submit them to Save Wizard. Where do I do this?'
      They would rather you post them on forums to create discussion and help others out. I know this seems rather inefficient, but this is how they want it. This has been discussed in Discord and will likely stay this way. Forums were the best place to learn things back then. (It still is) The times may have changed, but this doesn?t mean we should stop sharing information.
    • "I'm having issues and need help!'*
      If for some reason you?re having issues there is a support form you can fill out here. Alternatively, you can get help on the Save Wizard Discord.
    • I found a bug where do I report this?
      If you can replicate it, zip up your save and make a step by step instructions on how you recreated it and email it to support.
    • "Can I get a trial version or beta version?"*
      No, Save Wizard currently does not offer either of these. They have in the past, but this lead to leaks. It likely will not be returning.
    • "One of the games listed doesn't work anymore. Where do I submit this?"
      Use the support form found Here, or let them know on discord through the support channel. This gives you a platform to openly discuss this in the event that it happens to be just you with the issue. You may have to submit your save for others to test it.

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    RE: Save Wizard FAQ

    Ah, I remember this. Like a refreshing memory.

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