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    Save Wizard Discord

    Click here to join the Discord server.

    Save Wizard currently has no official discord, or plans to create one. As a result of this, an unofficial discord has been created. This server is meant as a place for those who are looking for help with the program, those looking for other modders, or just a community who shares the same interest.

    It's important to that you enjoy yourself in the server while also following the rules below:
    • No Requesting to Obtain or Share a Save Wizard Key.
    • No Requesting for Others to Mod your Saves.
    • No Requesting or Sharing Save Wizard Slots.
    • No Requesting for a Game to be Added.
    • No Excessive Mention of Console Modding.
    • No Mention of Pirated Content.
    • No Advertising.
    • No Flaming.
    • No Spamming.
    • No Explicit Content.
    • No Racism nor Discrimination.
    • No Mass Mentions.
    • No Leaking Content.

    Breaking said rules may result in being muted for a period of time or removed from the server. Not sure if it breaks the rules? Feel free to PM an Admin or Moderator. Please, keep content in the Appropriate Sections.
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