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Steal the Show:
You can choose if you do this one with save or without save since it is extremely easy all you need to do is go to a specific location the save is already near the place

Body Builder + Welcome to MY World + Cool Cat Counter Attack + Jaguar's Redemption:
go to the left to turn into a chicken by using the L1 button and kill the giant skeleton once it is done the Body Builder Trophy will pop (this can take a few attempts since the room is full with a bunch of other enemies that can kill you)
once you have the Body Builder Trophy kill everything in your normal form while being in the living world (you can change this by clicking R1) the bright one is the living world once you have killed everything go back where you started to the save point and quit the game once that is done start it again and kill everything once again once you killed everything in that room twice the trophy Welcome to MY World will pop (if it didn't try it a third time)

I tried to make a save for the Cool Car Counter Attack but it's hard to keep track of at how much dodges i am simple just use the same spot as for the Body Builder + Welcome To MY World Trophies just dodge a attack and then hit the enemy right after you did dodge the attack do this 15 times and the trophy pops then get to the top of the map to beat the final boss with the same character for the Jaguar's Redemption Trophy