Content (Do-able Order):

01 No Help Needed (& Efficient Mender)
02 Efficient Mender
03 Sweet Tooth
04 Apprentice, Witty Fellow And Mighty Magician
05 Precise Seeker
06 Linguist
07 Cadet
08 Lucky Gambler
09 Storyteller
10 Skilled Sorcerer
11 Claw-Some Pal
12 Faster Than Lightning
13 Kind Necromancer
14 Relentless Investigator
15 Wonderful Wizard
16 Friend Of All Folk
17 Savior Of Souls And Maze Master
18 Supreme Finder
19 Swordsman
20 Grand Master And Monster Master
21 Fantastic Fixer
22 Mushroom Marksman And Tree Doctor
23 Bird Whisperer
24 Pumpkin Master
25 Mirage Hunter
26 Table Traverser

Reidso's NOTE:

Text files (screenshots/images - where needed) are included
in the folders for you to continue with the next step(s)

To get the saves in a do-able order, I used themindisacity's guide....
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