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    [EU] Kingdom Come: Deliverance Starter Save [CUSA07180]

    No Future Updates to any game save, I have provided on this site will be released until Admins Ban these leechers from the site if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about, it's individuals that are taking peoples FREE GameSaves & selling them on Discord check out the thread posted by admin NO SELLING SAVES OR LINKING OFF SITE!
    Hey people so I decided to redo this game also as it was a very old game save with minimum stats and wasnt really good in my opinion which were pretty shite if i may say so. I also enjoy playing this game from time to time. Here is a FYI moment so Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition has the same CUSA07180 as the base game with no DLC period I'm sure that the SaveWizard software would identify which game save it is. So what does this game save contain that the other gamesave didn't contain ok well you have.

    Main level 18
    Stats maxed out besides speech
    Maxed out Combat Stats
    I kept running out of ammo for the bows so i increased the ammo by alot
    Better Long-Distance Arrow 331million
    Quality Arrow 603million
    Long-Distance Arrow 738million
    Piercing Arrow 629million
    Wounding Arrow 69million
    Hunting Arrow 553million
    Tournament Arrow 402million
    So if you can tell I really like the bow lol or Henry just sucked balls at it but now he can actully hit stuff .
    Henry has an outfit that is obtained on the end game but you have it early Not all stats are maxed out as I had been busy with other game titles and Android Applications.
    Current Version if it helps or matters is 1.20 I will be updating this probably regularly probably lol.

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    Re: [EU] Kingdom Come: Deliverance Starter Save [CUSA07180]

    Hi, is there a way to fix or do something with the overweight? I can't run, jump, fast travel and similar.

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    Re: [EU] Kingdom Come: Deliverance Starter Save [CUSA07180]

    Thank you very much for the Kingdom come modded save

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    Re: [EU] Kingdom Come: Deliverance Starter Save [CUSA07180]

    thanks Your very welcome..

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    Re: [EU] Kingdom Come: Deliverance Starter Save [CUSA07180]

    Thanks pal

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