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    Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon Semi-Save Set [CUSA16734]

    Originally written by zz1105026326 with contributions from kaibamoto at NGU

    You must thank the post to view hidden content/download! Thanks for kaibamoto's test,these saves can use on EU version game with no problem.

    READ before use:these saves contain DLC job(Only the job),dont know if you can use it without the dlc,i guess it can.Let me know soon. AND it is able to re-region to EU version.
    There are some saves I forgot to save before pop.Hope other could finish the rest saves.

    Here is a save that every character's stat become 9999.You could definitely beat the true Final Millennium Tower easily(but in this save you have to beat the normal first cause it just start premium adventure) with this save and i will continue to update more saves on other trophy later.
    REMINDER:change gear may lost the op stat so backup save pls,any other question just ask.

    You must thank the post to view hidden content/download! This save can unlock Fulfiller of Dreams and all level-related trophy

    Note on saveset:
    save1:Romance of the 10 Pieces+Romancing the Forge:Funds support and craft 10 weapons or armor

    save2:Victory of the Millennium just go in and rue Final Millennium Tower with your super power

    save3:Honk-Honk Hero The final honk-honk is kamurocho's one,it wont appear even you save when you found her.So you have to get her by yourself.
    Pop the Cork:Go find Dragon fighter and win the match.It is time to show your skill,the save cant help you win it.I would recommend Rumble Crasher.

    save4:Sound Character Watch a movie without sleep(you could skip this save cause save 5 could also pop this trophy)

    save5:Super Human:Exchange three "Think and grow confident" from the owner(bat center) and use it
    Can Quest Hero:just play any can collect mission
    Stories of the Streets:just go to ounabara vocational school.
    Certified Geniusass any exam
    Playing With Fire+Gear Hoarder:talk to Miyakoshi in vocational school until the option dispear and do the same on sumire in Romance workshop then will trigger a fight,after that pop the Gear Hoarder trophy and Playing with fire as well.
    Sleep Sheep Slapper:watch any moive in the cinema.

    save6:A New Legend+a new hero:talk to the boy in front of you
    Man About Townlay out run on Game center near the boy
    Pound It:just get in a fight and call anyone(remove the Hariti's amulet on gear first)

    save7:Friends in the Gang+Friends in Low Places:Talk to ZHAO and Nanba,then finish the fight.

    save8:Gotta Catch 'Em All:get some fight around this place until the trophy pop,i pop on the Bishamon bridge

    save9:Food for Thought: order the whole menu at the bar THE HARBOR LIGHT
    Job helper+Life Experiences:just change a job at Hello Work
    New legend(if you dont want to pop with new hero)

    save10:Aggressive Executive ,Make That Money:Go to Debts-bank-executive plan and the make that money should pop.Then sell a company and buy the bar twilight pop the aggressive executive trophy

    save11:Friends With Familiar Faces+Friends Like Sisters:talk to Joon-gi Han AND Saeko

    save12:New Digs!:finish the shareholder meeting

    save13:Friends From Work+Presidential Power:finish the shareholder meeting
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    Re: Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon Semi-Save Set [CUSA16734]

    Chapter Saves

    14: End of chapter 1
    15. end of 2
    16. 3
    17. 4
    18. 5
    19. Before Treasure Displeasure: Keep going until you get to a room with save, heal, and a silver chest in the middle. Open the chest to get the trophy
    20. End of 6
    21. 7
    22. 8
    23. 9
    24. 10 May also be used to get Fight on the Sidewalk, by switching to least powered party members, getting into a fight near the main roads in Ijinchho, and only attacking with the least powered. If not this save, try on the next one.
    25. 11
    26. Heir to the legend:Talk to the robot, beat the last couple of battles
    27. End of 12
    28. 13
    29. 14
    30. Last chapter, after beating everyone and skipping all cutscenes

    4. Friends on the Force: talk to Adachi
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    Re: Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon Semi-Save Set [CUSA16734]


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    Re: Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon Semi-Save Set [CUSA16734]

    Does this saves work without DLC?

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    Re: Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon Semi-Save Set [CUSA16734]

    how exactly do i use this save data on my ps4?

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    Re: Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon Semi-Save Set [CUSA16734]

    Thank you 🙏

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    Re: Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon Semi-Save Set [CUSA16734]

    Thank you 😀👍

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    Re: Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon Semi-Save Set [CUSA16734]

    thanks my friend

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    Re: Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon Semi-Save Set [CUSA16734]

    Great saves. Only a few more to go but all saves i used so far work great.

    Does the honk honk save work or not? On my own save i cant find the last 1 so hope yours works

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    Re: Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon Semi-Save Set [CUSA16734]

    do you have a US savegame?

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