So this is near complete. All story trophies in order, numbered into folders with the zip inside. Each folder contains notepad document saying what needs to be done.

Trophies missing:

First One's Free
Phased and Confused
Not quite Dead (Lv 5) (Start a new game with a siren and complete First one's free and then get to level 5 then phase lock 100 enemies)
Goliath, Meet David (Use challenge accepted save then go to frostburn canyon)
Sugar Daddy (Tip Moxxi $10,000)
So much Blood! (Gunzerked for 90 seconds, will try and make a max level save later)
Cute Loot (kill a chubby, just got to find one use google)
Tribute to a vault hunter (use challenge accepted save, load tvhm and keep searching sanctuary use google for locations)
Definitely An Italian Plumber ( Kill Donkey Mong, challenge accepted save, use google)
High-Flying Hurler (killed a flying enemy with a Tediore weapon, easy enough)
Token Gesture (redeem 25 tokens plenty of codes on google still)
Unseen Predator (again i will make a max level assassin soon)
Build Buster ( kill a constructor without it building another bot)
How Do i look (Unlock 10 customisation, use your siren save for this)
Killing Time (Killed 5 enemies during BAMF)
Better then money (purchased 5 items from black market, use your siren save for this)

Majority of these trophies I can't make a save for. But all the hard ones are done in the save file.

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