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    The Outer Worlds combat and misc trophies (No DLC) [CUSA16285]

    Hello, this is my point of no return save, right before the final battle in Tartarus.
    Due to my experiences downloading saves to get trophies on PS4 I believe there
    you’ll be able to earn every miscellaneous and cumulative combat trophy just by
    getting 1 more related kill/action/item usage etc.
    I have everything max and got all the weapons types in game

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    These trophies are (in original order):
    Got Your Back
    Silver Tongue
    Poor Sportsmanship
    Upgrades Available
    Never Seen
    Short Circuit
    Health Insurance
    We All Fall Down
    Tossball All Star
    Everything Must Go
    Patient N

    Additionally, you can also get:
    Well Dressed (Nice Hat and Quimera)
    Not the Best Choice (Spacer’s Choice clothing, headgear and 4 weapons)
    Well Balanced Breakfast (meat, carbohydrates, sugary drink, caffeine and alcohol)
    Elemental Maelstrom (physical, plasma, shock, corrosive and N Ray)
    Mad Scientist (Prismatic Hammer, Shrink Ray, Mandibular Rearranger, Gloop Gun and Mind Control Ray)

    I have every single item, weapon, armor and consumables you need for it in inventory/ship storage,
    just have a good look.

    I believe it will save several hours of side quests and combat grinding you’d need to do in order to get those items.
    If you want, you can finish the game and get the last 2 story-related trophies too.

    Please, let me know if it works
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    Re: The Outer Worlds combat and misc trophies (No DLC) [CUSA16285]

    Nice upload!
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