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    Need for Speed Heat Save Set [CUSA15090]

    Hey guys,

    I gonna share another saveset from my personal archive with you, since this entry is missing on playersquared. It's a combined folder of a saveset and a collectible save.

    I haven't tested it yet but it should work pretty fine.

    As always, finish the game first on your own, knock out the easy stuff and use the content for a legit cleanup in the end. Regarding to the info file it seems you need to do "Cashing In" and "Most Wanted" on your own but it's not that hard.

    Use this video for cashing in, it's a super easy method:

    You must thank the post to view hidden content/download!

    Please don't forget to leave a like for future content =)
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    Re: Need for Speed Heat Save Set [CUSA15090]

    For sharing

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    Re: Need for Speed Heat Save Set [CUSA15090]

    Thanks to you

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    Re: Need for Speed Heat Save Set [CUSA15090]

    will I be locked out of some trophies if I will load it before ending the game?

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