I've included only the trophies that I felt were inconveniencing.

Select "Resume" on the main menu:
Kill the boss without dying too many times. (I think I only died once or twice getting to this point. So you might have room for error.)

Obtainable Trophies:
Typoman (Start over and don't die ever. Okay too hard.. don't die more than 5 times!)

Select "Mini Games" on the main menu, followed by "Antonymizer":
You'll see the word we need to spell is "Glasses". Use the square button to shuffle the letters until you have the necessary letters to spell "asses". Push those aside and now work on obtaining your G and L letters by combining the "LIE" creature with any other words you can create.

Obtainable Trophies:
Writer (Craft 300 Words.)
Antonymizer (Beat the Antonymizer Mini Game.)

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