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    Deep Rock Galactic - 100% Save Set [CUSA26860]

    Disclaimer: Maybe other unlisted trophies can be unlocked, if that happens, you're welcome.

    Warning: Saves are numbered in the order you should unlock them to avoid popping multiple trophies at once.

    If I were you: I would play the tutorial and a few of the assignment mission to get "Miner", "Hit 'Em Where It Hurts", and maybe "Designated Decoy" trophies before using these saves. Rename the downloaded trophy's file you want to "" before importing.

    PSN Profiles' DRG guide says this game will take about 300 hours to plat, with Veteran Diver time gated to at least 5 weeks. Have a goal of this being a Plat / 100% save set, but am releasing now because someone request the saves for a player level over 20. Save 17 is at Player level 42 with every character basically promoted, all weapons bought, and a few overclocks. These are an unmodded save.

    1. Performance Matters (Do a mission or two.)
    2. Advanced Robotics + Approved Greenbeard (Buy Bosco's mods and Finish one more assigned mission).
    3. Feelin' Perky
    4. Management Approves (Check the KPI terminal to see which mission will finish the milestones).
    5. Exploring My Options
    6. State of the Art (Buy Scout's mods)
    7. Good Shepherd (Keep doing missions until you get it).
    8. Expert Miner
    9. Movin' On Up (Use the computer near the giant windows in The Memorial Hall to promote the dwarf).
    10. Mini Fixer
    11. Mutated Scavenger (Do a mission with a warning).
    12. Disc Jockey
    13. Corporate Climber
    14. Hat Trick
    15. See you later, Detonator! (Do missions until a detonator spawns and kill it.)
    16. Happy Feet (Do one more assignment mission for Full Team Ahead.)
    17. Full Team Ahead (Use this and above saves for Thick-Skinned.)
    18. Big Game Hunter (Can use any of these saves for Moustacho, and Total Makeover.) (Added 2/13).
    19. Self Control (Seems these might work now. 19a might take 2 dives to get this, 19b might take 1). (Added 3/1)
    20. Veteran Diver (Deep Dives are time gated to 1 a week, reg and elite counts towards the 5, so use 18 to get "Going Deeper", if you must get Veteran Diver in 3 or 4 weeks, use 18 or 19a to get Elite Diver) (Added 3/1).
    21. Big Spender
    22. Lone Wolf
    (Apparently Rock Solid does not trigger Consistent Performance, and Employee of the Month).
    23. Consistent Performance (Make sure you do Stepping It Up first!)
    24. Employee of the Month (Make sure you do Thick-Skinned first!)
    25. Rock Solid (and maybe Lone Wolf) (Make sure you do Going Lethal, and Thick-Skinned first!)
    26. Prospector (2 away from What Are These Things? Trophy pops when the item is deposited.)
    27. What Are These Things? (If the save doesn't work, try save 26, which needs 2 Error Cubes. Trophy pops when the cube is deposited.)
    29. Silver-Tier Employee
    29. Jeweler (Pops when anyone deposits a Bittergem)
    30. Legendary Miner
    31. Pro Team
    32. It's My Party
    33. Bosco, You're The Best
    34. Gold-Tier Employee + Legendary Team (Added Aug 25). As of Season 2, all overclocks found. Last overclock can be unlocked at the forge.

    My Hazard 5 Strat:
    Setup: Run a solo mining expedition in Crystalline Caverns. Mobs scale up damage and health when there's other people, and you get all the ammo to yourself. Get the beer buff, and use the driller. In case Driller's weapons get tweaked in the future, I prefer to lower chargeup time, then highest freezing power, lower repressurization delay, and increase pressure gain rate. Try to freeze things as quick as possible since they take 3x damage when frozen, don't release toxic gas when they die, get slowed way down when thawed. When frozen, pull out pistol to kill, melee or drill to kill them and regain health through Vampire perk. Can switch to Better Weight Balance for faster Power Attack if you want.

    Try to focus more on the nitra at the start until you have at least 80 for a resupply. There's not much Morkite to mine at the beginning, so I try to run down to the lower levels where the morkite is much more abundant.

    When swarm happens, dig into a wall until the drill overheats and call the mule to the back and stand in front of it so you get the 30% damage resistance. Then freeze everything that comes in, throw out a neurotoxin grenade if you start to get overwhelmed or more dangerous bugs appear. When the 2nd wave comes, call a resupply outside of your tunnel entrance, but off to the side so you can still shoot out. If you ever revive yourself with iron will, make sure you gain health via bugs, supply drop, or red sugar. You'll die after 12 seconds if you don't. Outside of the waves, bosco kills most of the bugs for me, and I use the secondary half the time. I've been consistently finishing the missions in about 20-30 mins.

    If that doesn't work, equip your favorite class when Today's Special is Dark Morkite Beer on either Crystalline Caverns or Salt Pits low mission length and low cave complexity. Try to mine all the Morkite ASAP to call the drop pod before the 1st wave spawns. Today's beer changes whenever the maps does, and need to reload the lobby.

    List of trophies that cannot be done with saves for one reason or another:
    Barrel Rider, The A-Team, Time Well Spent, Foreign Objects in the Launch Bay, Now We Have A BET-C!, Hit 'Em Where It Hurts, Hi Ho, Silver - Away!, Farmer, I Like It Down Here, Miner, Stepping It Up, Thick-Skinned, Going Lethal, Bring your A-game, Like a Well-Oiled Machine, Karl Would Be Proud, Car Pool, If Only I Got Paid To Do This…, Barrel Kicker, That's Not How You Play This Game, Darwin Award, Party Time!, Roller Coaster, Without A Paddle, Designated Decoy, Drill-by Shooting, Pest Control, Going Deeper, Elite Diver, Deep For Speed.

    Download link: You must thank the post to view hidden content/download!

    (This is what the thank button looks like.)
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    Re: Deep Rock Galactic - (Work in progress) Save Set [CUSA26860]

    amazing save thankyou

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    Re: Deep Rock Galactic - (Work in progress) Save Set [CUSA26860]

    Thanks! I was waiting for this

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    Re: Deep Rock Galactic - (Work in progress) Save Set [CUSA26860]

    Thank you! Was struggling with a bunch of this to be honest.

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    Re: Deep Rock Galactic - (Work in progress) Save Set [CUSA26860]

    thanks frienda love u

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    Re: Deep Rock Galactic - (Work in progress) Save Set [CUSA26860]

    too bad the trophies are bugged in general on console lol what a mess

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    Re: Deep Rock Galactic - (Work in progress) Save Set [CUSA26860]

    Thank you!

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    Re: Deep Rock Galactic - (Work in progress) Save Set [CUSA26860]

    Thank you very much appreciated

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    Re: Deep Rock Galactic - (Work in progress) Save Set [CUSA26860]

    Appreciated YES

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    Re: Deep Rock Galactic - (Work in progress) Save Set [CUSA26860]

    For some reason the PS5 version of the game cannot recognize the game saves to import into the PS5 version.
    Can anyone help?

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