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    Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (CUSA17722) Collectables save

    This is END GAME collectables save (ALL story missions are done), there is 1 of each collectable left to get and except for the tech crates (there are 2 but you need to do those areas for 100%)

    The are 3 saves
    Save one - (Like real scientists) Will get you "Competitive Spirit" trophy, just keep going left til you get in the big room and miles will mention an elevator, hug the left hand side and youll see a big display with rockets, approach them and you will see a prompt to press triangle, this starts a mini game where you need to mash Square to win.

    Save two - (Sept 16th, 12:08) Will get you "Never Give Up", you will spawn in the grave yard if you turn around you will see a little tomb stone with white flowers on it, approach it and press triangle to interact (Peter might call you so you have to wait for that convo to end before it will interact)

    Save three - (Sept 16th, 12:12) Will get you "Best Fries In Town), turn around and you should see a giant golden statue of Stan Lee on the left, walk up and press triangle to interact

    Save 2 & 3 are both at the same point for collectables and each have one of each activities left also if you go to your media feed and scroll to the bottom you will get "Socially Acceptable"

    You also have ALOT of upgrade points so you should be able to get all of the skills and suits if you start a new game+ (I think, I haven't tested this out if you do have enough points as I saved and uploaded the save before I completed the trophies myself, after i transferred the save I tried using save wizard to add more points but didnt test them)

    You might be able to get some combat trophies but im not sure, I didnt keep track of those

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    Re: Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (CUSA17722) Collectables save

    life save thank you bro

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    Re: Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (CUSA17722) Collectables save

    Glad to help