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    Deadpool Complete Save Set [CUSA03245]

    Hello guys, this is another save set from me.
    This time it is for the Region 1 version of "Deadpool" that will help you to skip most of the game.

    The name of each sub-folder indicates the trophies you can get by playing a slight portion of the game.
    The first folder is empty since these are the startup trophies you will get anyway.

    Unfortunately I no longer own the disk version of the game and cannot re-open the save files to apply trophy guide as may fit, but still these would help a lot of you guys who want to save some time with the toughest trophies at least.

    The folders are chronological so follow the order. I think this is needless to mention.

    You must thank the post to view hidden content/download!

    Please drop your comments if you feel you can provide some insight to what you find tricky.
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    Re: Deadpool Complete Save Set [CUSA03245]

    Great!!! I will use it for sure . Thanks.

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    Re: Deadpool Complete Save Set [CUSA03245]

    Thanks. Will use this one day when im able to find the game for a decent price again😅 Anyone know why it got removed from the PSN Store?

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    Re: Deadpool Complete Save Set [CUSA03245]

    The EU prefix needs to be changed to US....

    SerialStation | CUSA-03245

    GameFaqs CUSA Regions


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    Re: Deadpool Complete Save Set [CUSA03245]

    Are you sure? My disk was region 2? This is rather strange.
    I mean I can change it, but can anybody else confirm this?