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    Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster - Field Research Pro [CUSA33830]

    Hello again,

    Back with another save, as always The bestiary list is tied to the system file, COPY THE SYSTEM FILE ALONG WITH THE QUICK SAVE.

    Load up save, walk forward and face the final two monsters:

    196. Zeromus (when you're fully healed, go into items and use the crystal to start the final boss fight)

    197. Zeromus - Final Boss

    Cecil: Attack
    Kain: Jump
    Edge: Throw all Fuma Shurikens and any other stuff you don't want anymore.
    Rosa: Curaja all turns and Full-Life (if needed but I didn't need to).
    Rydia: Summon Bahamut.

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    I also have the pink tail item in my inventory for those that need it, once you complete the game. Save, reload and head back to earth to trade it in for the trophy. Haven't collected any of the secret summons either, make use of the siren bells to summons the monsters that have them. You may or may not unlock other trophies (level up, fights, money and possibly the all location but not 100% on that.
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    Re: Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster - Field Research Pro [CUSA33830]

    best save ever