[size=large]1.Extract the files from: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] [/size]

[size=large]2. Put them on a FAT32 USB and put the USB in your JTAG/RGH [/size]

[size=large]3. Make a folder called FreeStyleDash v3 on your HDD and transfer all the files from your [/size]

[size=large]USB to that folder. [/size]

[size=large]4. Start the default.xex and it should boot to the FreeStyleDash. [/size]

[size=large]5. You now have FreeStyleDash v3 on your JTAG/RGH![/size]

[size=large]Hope this helps you guys. If need help don't hesitate to message me.[/size]

[size=large]Note: I take no responsible for any of the credit.[/size]