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    Saints Row 3: 30 Achievements Save Set Pal: 12 Load and Pop PAL

    Here i have a set of 3 different save files that will get you 30 achievements.12 of the achievements will pop right when you load the 27 achievements save file. I also have a save file for the last mission, so you can do both choices to get those achievements and a save file for the Murderbrawl XXXI achievement.

    These saves have been tested by me and all are working.

    All of theses achievements are late game/end game so be warned.
    I recommend you disconnect from Xbox live if you are just starting the game. Below i have listed the achievements you will get.

    1.All activities complete. This is in the 27 achievements file and you will get them upon load.
    This will also give you any activity achievement you have not gotten.

    2.25% of the Collectables-27 achievements save file-load and pops
    3.Upgrade a stronghold to the max
    4.Complete 1 challenge and all challenges
    5.Get all the assassination kills-27 Achievements save file-Load and pops
    6.All collectables
    7.All gang operations
    8.Ow My *****!
    9.All city Takeovers
    10.Stay Classy Steelport
    11.Explored every Hood
    12.All Vehicle Thefts
    13.Cowboy Up
    14.Murderbrwal XXXI
    15.Too Close To The Sun and Gangstas In Space

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    There are instructions on what to do in each save folder and a warning about the load and pop achievements.

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    Re: Saints Row 3: 30 Achievements Save Set Pal: 12 Load and Pop PAL

    Sweet thanks