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    ONRUSH | The all-action arcade racer.

    [size=large]Welcome to ONRUSH![/size]
    In all fairness, I've been addicted to this game ever since it was Free-to-Play on PS4 for PS+.
    In a nutshell this game is like GTA if GTA was an arcade racer :kappa:. I have played onrush for several solid hours and it's just amazingly great, The crashes, the take-downs, the game-modes... All those are just a perfect mix for me.
    Quoting from the game's official site found here.
    ONRUSH is a new breed of high-impact, adrenaline fueled off-road arcade racing! Itís about speed, takedowns and teamwork with high-tempo thrills that focus on fun, excitement and the spectacular.
    So any of you who played it, how do you feel about it?
    Here is some gameplay from ONRUSH on PS4

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    RE: ONRUSH | The all-action arcade racer.

    This game looks pretty dope, I might have to take a look at this. I kinda love games like this.