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    EROOTIIK's ModLoader Maker v2 (PS3/XBOX 360)

    Hi PlayerSquared, today I present to you EROOTIIK's mod loader maker. I have permission to post this here.

    Thanks to 1sikvk85 for the video

    The new version of the tool abandons the modification of EROOTIIK's source which is not up to date to use the source of NotYourDope which contains many more options!

    Main changes:

    - Uses the NotYourDope mod loader source: NYD ModLoader Source
    - Ability to define a stack size for each script
    - Generates a script for PS3 and XBOX 360
    - Ability to change the buttons to open the mod loader
    - The limit of scripts that you can add is 50

    Example of a modloader made with this tool:

    Download: Mod Loader Maker v2
    Virus scan: Antivirus scan for 67a3645746e778b42ea668cdea9bee753837de34e4b3e714ab 379e4b52fe7ea at
    218-4-8 1:29:29 UTC - VirusTotal

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    RE: EROOTIIK's ModLoader Maker v2 (PS3/XBOX 360)

    Oh wow! This is one of the more quality mod loaders out there! Stuck!

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