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    EROOTIIK's Script Assembler (Compiler)

    Hi PlayerSquared, today I present to you EROOTIIK's script assembler (compiler). I have permission to post this here.

    EROOTIIK releases his Script Assembler for GTA V, you can do your scripts quickly with it, no more need to use a buggy and slow web compiler.

    It is much faster than the web compilers versions, much more complete, and especially all the bugs of the web compilers have been fixed.

    What are all the options for?

    Inject script: Allows you to inject your scripts into memory, it is used to code your scripts at high speed, no need to restart the game every time (requires script injector files).

    RSC7 Header: for include the RS7 Header in the script, by default it's better to include it but sometimes it can allows you debugging a script that does not want to launch or that freeze if you not include it

    Use names for static variables: allows to give names rather than numbers to static variables

    Argument count: number of parameters that the script receives when it is loaded (the script must be loaded with START_NEW_SCRIPT_WITH_ARGS if greater than 0)

    Check natives: checks if all natives in your script exists

    Fixed script size: same as the option RSC7 Header it allows you to debug a script that don't want to launch or that freeze

    Protection: allows to protect your script against decompilers, for injecting script you should not using it because it's a big and unique protection

    The tool can only assemble Hairy MineFart's format.

    A static table is generated automatically at compile time.

    EROOTIIK has added 3 new "false" opcodes:

    allows to include a static file you should put this opcode at the first line of your script, you can use the opcode like this:
    IncludeStaticFile "D:\Script Assembler\Example\erootiik_static.c"
    or like this:
    IncludeStaticFile "erootiik_static.c"

    IncludeFile: allows to include another csa or xsa file, so with this opcode you can separate your file in multiple file for helping you to organize your file, you can use it like IncludeStaticFile and you can put this opcode where you want

    IncludeDirectory: allows to include a directory of csa or xsa files you can use it like this:
    IncludeDirectory "D:\Script Assembler\Example\Popular functions"
    or: IncludeDirectory "Popular functions"
    you can put this opcode where you want

    Rather than writing the opcode Function 2 2 0 you can simply write: Function 2 2, since the last digit is always 0 so it is not necessary.
    You can write the opcode Return 2 3 like this: Return 3, the first digit must always be the same as your Function opcode so it is not necessary to write it.

    EROOTIIK has modified the static file for using array and char array:

    There is no longer any need to write the static variables that have a value of 0 in the static file since the static table in the script is generated automatically and if a static name in the static file is not present in your script then it will not be in the static table.

    Big feature too, it's now possible to pass parameters to the tool, which allows for example to be able to compile and inject the script only with notepad++.

    Here is the commands:

    -in="example.csa" --input="example.csa" (the file that you want to compile)
    -out="example.csc" --output="example.csa" (the compiled file)
    -i=c=192.168.x.x --inject=c=192.168.x.x (inject with ccapi)
    -i=c --inject=c (inject with ccapi)
    -i=t --inject=t (inject with tmapi)
    -h --header (include rsc7 header)
    -s --static (use names for static)
    -n --native (check if natives exists)
    -fs= --fixedsize= (use fixed size, 0 for 1,65MB and 1 for 2,04MB)
    -p --protection (protect your script from public decompilers)
    -a= --args= (set the number that the script can receive)

    Here is a tut to show you how to use commands with notepad++:

    Script Assembler
    Virus scan:
    Antivirus scan for 41c8435394e651843f9e7984e58edfe8d66634f1b6be1256be613daf119d at
    217-4-4 17:7:3 UTC - VirusTotal

    Don't forget to use the language file GTA V Script.xml for notepad++

    There is a donate button in the tool if you want more update of the tool and want EROOTIIK to release a script injector and a map converter

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    RE: EROOTIIK's Script Assembler (Compiler)

    Very useful, thanks for sharing.

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    RE: EROOTIIK's Script Assembler (Compiler)

    thanks very nice and very useful

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    RE: EROOTIIK's Script Assembler (Compiler)

    Thanks for sharing this tool.

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    RE: EROOTIIK's Script Assembler (Compiler)

    thanks bro...you are the best!!!

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