A friend in a different aiming/targeting mode


1. start off in story mode with the character you want to freeze the money on.

2.find a laptop that your character can use.
(preferably Jimmy's room)

3. be in a different Target mode than your friend.

4. start joining off of him and declining the alert to get the alert to pop up faster

5. you're going to enter director mode

6. hover over "exit to story mode"

7. as soon as you exit to story mode you're going to join off your friend accept the first alert and then decline the second. then quickly after as soon as your character goes through the roof and then into the house press pause (preferably the character being visible it worked the best for me when the character was invisible

8. after you click on the pause menu you are going to go over to Rockstar editor.

9. we're going to enter Rockstar editor and then hover over director mode

10. as soon as you enter director mode join a friend accept the first alert declined second and then open up your character wheel and then go into the trailer (this part has to be really fast)

11. after that's done. I alert will pop up saying if you want to return back to the trailer. Deny that alert.

12. from there you have Frozen money in story mode. and the way to leave the glitch is by opening up the character wheel and then choose your character that you were doing the glitch with and then accept the alert to go back into story mode.

Have a nice day!
(If you want a video added lmk)