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    GTA 6 has leaked


    The leak is apparently real, according to sources at Rockstar Games.


    EDIT: Download the videos (link courtesy of the leaker - teapotuberhacker)
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    Re: GTA 6 has leaked

    Yo just for those who might of missed the leaks of the GTA 6
    I have downloaded all hence files and will make them available for those who might want to view them

    Download link:
    10 thousand lines of code
    10k Lines of Code

    Download Link:
    All Videos of GTA6
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    It's a file transfer link I wasn't going to add it to my MediaFire account so it is what it is. also the file name is Smali_Project just in case they remove it if its called GTA 6 Leaks🥰✌🏻
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