Hi Guys,

With GTA V being free for a limited time recently, there has been a natural influx of players who are new to the game and haven't played it before. All of these players are starting from scratch, rank 1, no weapons, no money, nothing. Here is a guide on how you can go from zero to hero and make your first million in GTA Online.

Step 1: Ammu-Nation

First thing's first, go to Ammu-Nation and grab yourself a free weapon. This isn't going to win you many PvP gunfights, but it will come in handy during the first couple of steps.

Step 2: Quick Play Missions

Your first order of business when it comes to earning cash and RP in GTA Online should be through quick play missions. To access these, simply use the mobile phone by pressing "Up" on the D-Pad, go to Quick Jobs App and find a mission to complete! Complete this missions until you are minimum Rank 3.

Step 3: Rob Some Stores

The next thing you can do, is go to a couple of stores and aim your weapon at the store clerk. When you do this, the store clerk will quickly start taking money out of the cash register. After a few seconds, a plastic bag will appear which you can collect and BOOM, you just completed your first GTA Online robbery.

WARNING - I believeyou have to be Rank 3 in order to unlock Robberies in the game, so make sure you complete Step 2 before attempting this.

WARNING - Robbing stores automatically gives you a wanted level, so you'll want to plan your escape to ditch those cops!

While the clerk is emptying the cash register, jump behind the counter and wait for him to take out the plastic bag. As he takes the bag out, melee the clerk and start spamming "Right" on the D Pad. Doing this means you will then be able to take more money out of the cash register yourself, meaning you leave with significantly more money!

Step 4: Los Santos Slasher

This next step has multiple stages, but is excellent for new players (or existing players who haven't already done this) as you walk away with a whopping $275'000! We'll split this Step into 4 Stages.

Stage 1: Find the 4 static clues! You need to find The Slasher's Machete, A Severed Hand, The Slasher's Message and A Bloody Handprint. The locations for each of these are below. You'll know when you're getting close to a clue because your controller will begin to ruble and you'll hear whispering. When you get close enough to the clues, the game will prompt you to investigate by pressing "Right" on the D-Pad. You will receive $5'000 for each clue you find, meaning finding all of these clues earns you a nice $20'000!

  • 1A - The Machete:

Machete.jpg Machete Location.jpg

  • 1B - The Severed Hand:

Hand.jpg Hand Location.jpg

  • 1C - The Message:

Message.jpg Message Location.jpg

  • 1D - The Handprint:

Handprint.jpg Handprint Location.jpg

Stage 2: Find the final clue, which is a Black Van. The difference here is that unlike the 4 previous clues, there are 5 possible locations for the van to spawn, so unfortunately you have to check each location until you find where it has spawned for you! Below are the 5 potential locations for the Black Van. You will also receive $5'000 for finding this clue, taking the total so far up to $25'000!

  • 2A - Raton Canyon:

Raton Canyon.jpg

  • 2B - Braddock Pass:

Braddock Pass.jpg

  • 2C - San Chianski Mountain Range:

San Chianski Mountain Range.jpg

  • 2D - Tataviam Mountains:

Tataviam Mountains.jpg

  • 2E - Lago Zancudo:

Lago Zancudo.jpg

Stage 3: Kill the Los Santos Slasher. Once you have found all 5 clues, you will receive a text from the Los Santos Slasher, shown below:


This means you are now ready to progress to the next stage, which is to kill the Slasher. The Slasher will try to attack you, but there are certain limits and rules that apply which the game does not notify you of.

- The Slasher will only attack you if you are on foot.
- The Slasher will only attack you if you are in Blaine County, in the desert North of Los Santos.
- The Slasher will only attack you between 19:00 and 05:00.

To complete this stage, I recommend heading over to Sandy Shores Airfield anytime between 19:00 - 05:00. Note, the Slasher only seems to attack on the hour, so if he doesn't appear immediately upon your arrival, don't worry. The Slasher will appear on your mini map as a red skull icon and he will try to attack you with a Machete. Simply shoot the Slasher in the head to kill him.

Slasher Killed.jpg

As you can see, when you kill the Slasher, not only will you receive the Navy Revolver weapon, but you will be rewarded with $50'000 for your trouble, as well as unlocking the final stage of this sequence. This means that you have earned a nice $75'000 so far!

Stage 4: Get 50 kills with the Navy Revolver. As simple as it sounds, you now need to just find random NPC's and start killing. When you get your first kill, the game should pop up with a notification to let you know this stage has started:

Revolver Kills.jpg

Once you have racked up your 50 kills, you will be massively rewarded with a whopping $200'000 taking your total earnings up to $275'000!

BONUS TIP: Completing this sequence in GTA Online unlocks the Lowry's Revolver as a discoverable item in Red Dead Online (assuming you have Red Dead Online linked to the same Rockstar Social account).

Step 5: The Diamond Casino & Resort

Make your way over to the Diamond Casino & Resort and purchase a Membership. This will cost you $500. This will give you 5000 Casino Chips, but more importantly it will give you the ability to spin the lucky wheel once per day. The lucky wheel prizes vary, but you could bag yourself some RP, Cash or a really nice car to name just a few. You can also trade your Casino Chips in for Cash at the reception desk.

Step 6: Double Reward Events

The next thing I would recommend doing is playing some of the double reward events in game. These can be found easily by pressing pause, going across to the Online Tab, down to Jobs > Play Job > Rockstar Created. Here you will find lists of all jobs you can do. If you scroll through the lists, you will notice certain jobs have double RP and double Cash. This is usually for a limited time and the boosted jobs usually change each week. Completing these double reward jobs is a quick way to earn good Cash and rank up fast!

So there you have it guys, a few quick steps and ideas on how you can kick start your GTA Online career. These are the methods I used when I started the game and now I have moved on to the next stage of owning Office space, warehouses and completing CEO missions. If I have missed anything, or you know of any additional ways to kick start your career on GTA V Online, let us know!