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    Transferring save data

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this or not, so apologies if not. Does anyone know if there is a limit on transferring PS4 saves to PS5? For instance, if I download a PS4 save, then transfer it to my PS5 copy, is that the only time I can do it, or could I download another PS4 save in the future for the same game and transfer it to my PS5 copy.

    I am looking at downloading a PS4 save for RE8: Village, but if I can only transfer it once, I'll just wait until a platinum save is available.

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    Re: Transferring save data

    you can transfer saves how many times you like so or how long your ps plus signature will be active.
    alternatively, you can always use an USB device, although it's a much slower method.
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