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    MGBA 0.9.1 - Download

    A new release of mGBA, version 0.9.1, is available. This version is a bugfix release, which contains many important fixes for bugs not caught before 0.9.0 was released. Importantly, fixes for save states affecting both GBA and GBC, the OpenGL renderer lagging when fast-forwarding, and improved detection of Pokémon ROM hacks. An extensive list of changes follows after the cut.
    Emulation fixes:

    ARM: Fix LDM^ with empty rlist (fixes #2127)
    Core: Fix first event scheduling after loading savestate
    GB Serialize: Fix switching speed modes when loading a state (fixes #2097)
    GB: Fix skipping BIOS
    GBA Memory: Fix loading Thumb savestates when in ARM mode
    GBA Video: Fix window start on modes 3-5 with mosaic (fixes #1690)
    GBA Video: Fix mode 3-5 overflow with mosaic (fixes #1691)
    Other fixes:

    GBA: Fix non-USA 1.0 FireRed misdetecting as a ROM hack (fixes #2100)
    GBA: Fix crash when ROM loading fails
    GBA e-Reader: Fix bitmap short strip scanning
    GBA Video: Fix mode 5 frame 1 caching (fixes #2075)
    GBA Video: Don’t attempt to copy invalid registers when switching renderer
    Qt: Fix crash when switching from high-resolution OpenGL renderer to software
    Qt: Fix OpenGL renderer lagging behind when fast-forwarding (fixes #2094)
    Qt: Fix smudged window icon on Windows
    Qt: Fix saving settings enabling camera when camera name changes (fixes #2125)
    Qt: Fix frames getting backlogged (fixes #2122)
    Qt: Restore maximized state when starting (fixes #487)

    Core: Truncate preloading ROMs that slightly exceed max size (fixes #2093)
    GBA: Default-enable VBA bug compat for Ruby and Emerald ROM hacks
    GBA Memory: Log GPIO writes on non-GPIO carts as Pak Hardware instead of Memory
    Qt: Add ROM filename and size to bug reporter
    Qt: Improve handling of disabling VBA bug compat mode (fixes #2129)
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