Here we are, back again on the latest Pixelmon! 1.16.5 was definitely a challenge, but we are working towards being an active community again. We reintroduce PokeClash with some different features and things to do while playing Minecraft. At PokeClash, we try to integrate Pixelmon into Minecraft, blending features of both into the plugins we use. This is so you aren't stuck doing just Pixelmon or just Minecraft!We are a smaller server, trying to rebuild the player base and have a tight-knit community! If you are looking for a server that is smaller, more receptive to feedback, and tries its hardest, then PokeClash is for you. You might recognize us from the 1.7.10-1.12 Pixelmon days. If you do, we invite ya to come back and give us a try!


Store: Just a moment...
Discord: Discord | Your Place to Talk and Hang Out
Technic Modpack: ... l.1487880/
CurseForge Modpack: ... l-modpack/
Modrinth Pack: ... n-modpack/


  • Earnable Ranks - Earn in-game ranks by completing various tasks
  • Donation ranks for those who want to support the server
  • Quests - In-game quests to keep you constantly doing things!
  • World Bosses -
  • Outbreaks - Yes, Outbreaks just like in Legends of Arceus!
  • Pokestops - Pokestops spawn both in towns and in the wild with awesome rewards!
  • PokeBuilder - For those who like to build their pokemon to be BP! Tokens are earned in a ton of ways!
  • PokeDex Rewards - Earn GREAT rewards for completing your PokeDex (rewards @ every 10% done!)
  • PokeMissions - Auto cycling missions that allow you to earn money & other various rewards!
  • PokeSkills - Level up skills MMO style that gives you great perks!
  • PokeJobs - Send out your pokemon to complete jobs for you & earn money!
  • PokeBounties - Hunt the listed pokemon and earn money and other various rewards!
  • PokePlushies - Decorate your living space with cute plushies!
  • Dailies - Basically our version of World of WarCrafts dailies feature!
  • Gyms/E4 - Take on our GYMS and E4 to have a shot at becoming the Champion!
  • Training Gauntlet - Want a fast way to level up your pokemon? Try the training gauntlet (5 Free trains per day, costs in-game money after!)
  • Resource World - A weekly resetting resource world! This means new weekly Pokeloots, shrines, temples & more!
  • Battle Tower - Take a shot at some of the toughest trainers, earn Battle Points, and spend them on great rewards!
  • Battlepass - Yes, a battlepass with AWESOME rewards for you to earn (and a premium track as well!)
  • And more to come!

We hope that we enticed you to at least try us out! If you do join, we hope you have a great time! Please feel free to ask any questions (the staff are awesome, very welcoming and we are all friends!)