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    Custom Class Mod (Jetpack On Multiplayer)

    Hey Guys, Call of Duty Black ops 4 has been busted open with modded classes recently and I'd like to post a tutorial on how to use it!


    1. PS4
    2. Save Wizard
    3. A Modded Game Save (I'm Providing Below)
    4. An Application Like Spotify To Suspend Other Apps


    1 - Download the modded save You must thank the post to view hidden content/download!
    2 - Resign your save for yourself with save wizard.
    3 - Overwrite your game save on PS4 with your modded save
    4 - Disable online in your network settings on PS4
    5 - Load up Black Ops 4
    6 - Go into offline multiplayer and open classes (do not scroll over items or it'll crash)
    7 - Enable online again in your PS4 Network Settings
    8 - Wait approximately 15-20 seconds
    9 - Click Online in Black Ops 4
    10 - Go to your home menu and select spotify or any other app to suspend Black Ops 4
    11 - Go back into BO4 and wait for all the errors to finish
    12 - Select online multiplayer and all your classes are set up

    Congrats, you've loaded into multiplayer with modified jet pack classes!
    If you guys show enough support on this thread I'll throw together a tutorial video and maybe even release my modded classes with shadow blade, war machine, annihilator, etc.
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    Re: Custom Class Mod (Jetpack On Multiplayer)

    Wow nice Also thanks!

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    Re: Black Ops 4 Custom Class Mod (Jetpack On Multiplayer)

    Originally Posted by Vince
    Woah. I didnt even know some of this stuff could happen on PS4, especially on a CoD game through a game save!

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    Re: Black Ops 4 Custom Class Mod (Jetpack On Multiplayer)

    this makes me want to download bo4 and try it cause i had so many modded classes

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    Re: Custom Class Mod (Jetpack On Multiplayer)


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