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    Console Vs PC Gaming?

    Which do you prefer console or PC gaming? I prefer console idk if it's because I grew up on it or what it is but I just enjoy console better. Just curious...

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    Re: Console Vs PC Gaming?

    Personally console. I’ve always grew up with them and the feel of a controller instead of keys on a keyboard is just better

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    Re: Console Vs PC Gaming?

    for me PC even though I grew up with consoles, the thing is I think Sony and Microsoft one day will stop making them and just focus on PC, for Sony a launcher of their own.. saves them a ton on research and manufacturing costs.

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    Re: Console Vs PC Gaming?

    For me, I’d have to say PC.

    I have been on Xbox since ps3 got hacked and was down for like a month so that’s what 2011-2023.

    I moved to PC this year, and I’m impressed.. but it did take some getting used too.

    Different game catalogues was confusing at first, you have multiple on Pc but only 1 on Xbox.

    Downloading drivers, updating windows etc is sometimes annoying.

    The positives out far do the negatives.

    More games / better games
    Better graphics & ability to edit graphics settings to needs.
    Game mods
    Customise hardware

    I do miss the Xbox Home Screen etc but I use the Xbox app on PC