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    Generation Zero Instant Platinum + 100% DLC [CUSA12260]

    All credit goes to @Ling Long Nuddel

    I only re-regioned the save to US, so anybody in the U.S. can get a easy near instant platinum.

    To get the platinum, you're missing 3 trophies (Gustafsloppet, Spare Parts, and Hot Property). Ling Long Nuddel provides instructions for each trophy on their thread.

    Link to Ling's thread: Generation Zero Insta Platin+100% Dlcs [CUSA14212]

    Link to the re uploaded re-region save:CUSA12260(2)
    Just resign to your profile using Save Wizard! Enjoy!
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    Re: Generation Zero Instant Platinum + 100% DLC [CUSA12260]

    Whoever is trying to plat this game, I just did.
    For the "kill 3 machines without being hit" just sneak with O and use the sniper to kill small machines, should get it after a few tries, i did it in a random farm.
    For the "kill a hunter in 1 hit" just grab the bazooka from the Stash, the box you get access too in every safe house, it's there. Just grab it and shoot a medium size machine, it will pop.
    For the "lure 8 machines with a flare", it took me a few tries but i managed to get it. I looked in the map and noticed those "cross swords" icons which means there are enemies, i found 3 of them really close one to another, so i just went there and started running around and shooting them with a random gun to catch their attention. Then just spam the flares until you get it. You will die a few times but you can revive with X around 125 times lol.
    Hope this helps someone, i knew nothing about the game so i used kinda poor words to describe the way i did it hehe
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