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    "YO!" from BRAZIL!

    What's up guys.
    My friends call me "Valak". It's my first time here on the site, and an important friend recommended the site to me...

    I recently turned 24, I've been "platinizing" (this thing does even exist? 'cause i hate translator lol) games since I was 16 and a few years ago I started doing the Platinum Service here in Brazil. Unfortunately I had to stop early because I faced difficulties and recently I got my first PlayStation 5 with my own money and effort.

    I've been thinking about starting soon here on the site to provide my platinum service (I'm still organizing everything) and know that you can count on me for everything.

    Oh, that's right... I almost forgot!
    A "spoiler" for those who have read this far.


    1. I love Resident Evil. I debuted my PS5 playing Resident Evil 4 and ended up doing "98%" of the game including Ada's DLC in Professional S+.
    *Save will be available soon...

    2. Not long ago I had an account where I platinumed Resident Evil Revelations and Umbrella Corps, from which I do the platinum service. I should also launch it soon...

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    Re: "YO!" from BRAZIL!

    Thanks to U, bro.

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    Re: "YO!" from BRAZIL!

    welcome Valak to the PlayerSquared community