PlayerSquared Community Rules

Site Wide

1. Multi-accounting or account sharing is strictly prohibited.

2. Spamming or LQ posting is strictly prohibited.

3. Bullying or harassing other users is strictly prohibited.

4. Asking for loans or donations is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of monotized link shortners like AdFly.

5. Impersonating other users or staff is strictly prohibited.

6. Posting or discussing black-hat activity (Hacking, fraud, leaking of personal info, etc) is strictly prohibited.

7. Discussing harming's servers or it's users is strictly prohibited.

8. Selling your account is strictly prohibited.

9. All game save related threads must contain as much information about what's on the game save as possible.


1. Only bump your sales thread ONCE every 24 hours. To clarify a "bump" is when you reply to your thread.

You can purchase a sticky to have your thread pinned at the top by contacting Vince via PM or via Discord at vinceorlando

2. Buying or selling game saves is strictly prohibited.

3. If you're outsourcing any part of your service you must explicitly state so on your thread.

4. Offering services you can't perform is strictly prohibited.

5. Any services related to fraud are strictly prohibited.

6. Sales trashing is strictly prohibited.

7. Trying to sell any items, products, or services that are maliciously/illegally obtained is strictly prohibited.

8. Vouches from Discord servers or other sites hold no value on-site.

Violation of any of the rules above could result in the following:
Edit or removal of posts
Removal of access to site features
Closing or deletion of threads
Permanent ban

Rules stated above are subject to change at anytime.