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US Cult Of The Lamb - Mini Save Set [CUSA32183]


Veteran Player
October 14, 2020

Welcome to my cult!!!
this is a mini save set of the game cult of the lamb. the fights against all the bosses :rip: will be very easy, because I changed it to one hit kill, making it easier to obtain the trophies of not being hit by the bosses.

other trophies may pop up on the loading screen, so be aware who wants to do it in legitimate order.

===SEE NO EVIL & ORDER===40-bronze.png40-silver.png
Enter the second door from the left to the right and go all the way to kill the boss.

===SPEAK NO EVIL & SATE===40-bronze.png40-silver.png
Enter the third door from the left to the right and go all the way to kill the boss.

===HEAR NO EVIL & CURE===40-silver.png40-silver.png
Enter the first door from left to right and go all the way until you kill the boss.

===THINK NO EVIL & PEACE===40-silver.png40-silver.png
Enter the fourth door from the left to the right and complete all the paths until you kill the boss.

===DO NO EVIL===40-gold.png
Enter the middle door and kill the last boss.

===FULL DECK===40-silver.png
Go to your temple and choose the option RITUAL>MARRIAGE after the scene take the card in the center of the room.

===FULL FLOCK===40-silver.png
just go down the stairs and press x on the rock to pray and get the trophy.

Go to your temple choose CROWN > DECLARE NEW DOCTRINE > POSSESSIONS choose any of the 2 cards for the trophy to pop.

===HOARDER OF WEALTH===40-silver.png
Go to your temple and choose the option RITUAL>MEAT SACRIFICE
sacrifice a follower then press circle to exit and the trophy will pop

===WEAPONS OF PLENTY===40-silver.png
Go to your temple and choose SERMON and choose weapon upgrade.

===PLATINUM SAVE===>40-platinum.png
This is my platinum save!

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Here are all the items to be added by the advanced mode, sorry for not putting the name of each one.

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Just for reference the line items to add in advanced mode are not already in your saves?
Also do we add these lines just at the bottom of the advanced mode window?


Can confirm these codes work and you just have to add them in at the bottom of the advanced screen. Also I used the full flock save as a test and it popped perfectly now all i need is to get a leader of the crusade save for the plat, that trophy glitched on me. gonna try an earlier save from this set and hope it works.
Just wanted to post this real quick in case anyone runs into the same problem I did. The game glitched on me for Leader of the Crusade and it didn't pop. This save is based off of another save in this thread "HEAR NO EVIL & CURE'". I modded the file with the additional cheats from the second spoiler window, Just play through the next level of the spider level (last door on the right) and you should pop the trophy when you meet the guy talking about the Midas cave.

Cult of the Lamb - Leader of the Crusade
How do you put in the codes in on save wizard using the advanced mode? And which codes do you put in?

after you get the save resigned you need to go to the save as if you're applying cheats then right click the save and hit advanced mode (if you dont have the option you may not have the correct license to do so) this should open a new dialog box with a box that has a block of text scroll down copy paste apply