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Dark Souls 3: Replacing Items Easily with the Save Wizard


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November 12, 2020
Hello everyone! in this guide i will show you how to swap weapons with using save wizard
Let's go
Put the thing you want to swap into active slot
step 1.jpg
Load data on the usb storage
Find id of the item you have placed in active slot
P.S. if your item is improved then add to its value (0A = + 10 09 = + 9 etc)
step 3.jpg
convert the resulting value to Little Endian
step 4.jpg
go to advanced mode in save wizard and find the resulting value
repeat steps 3-4 for the element you want, then replace the first value of your element with the new element
click apply and copy data to the system storage
DARK SOULSâ„¢ III_20210124233607.jpg
This was really useful, I was able to max out my Titanite Slabs using this, by looking up the code and following your mini guide. Cause if you look up the value of the Titanite Slab in little endian then in Advanced mode, the number next to code for the Titanite slab is how many you have in your inventory you can set it to 99 or whatever value you want, you can do that with any item.

In example: The Little Endian for Titanite Slab is EB 03 00 40 and to the right usually is a value like 01 or however many you have, you can change it to 99 or even 600
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Also, remember to change every Hex ID of the item you want to change. Like for example, if you want to change your Longsword, every time you search it, it will appear multiple times, you have to change all of them to the new Hex ID or else it won’t work.
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