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Multi Modded Horizon Forbidden West – NG+ Starter Save with Sunwing (PS4 & PS5) [CUSA24705]


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January 29, 2021

Cover from PlayStation Magazine Brasil Ed. 289 (Feb 2022)

As predicted on my previous thread, the Ultimate Platinum save that I made back then in March
is the perfect starter save for the New Game Plus mode released yesterday on update 1.14 :D

Every legendary weapon and armor maxed out. All coils and weaves. All upgrade resources.
All face paints (including Kratos' easter egg). Skill tree 100%. Pouch upgrades 100%.
Collectibles 100% (Hologram/RCC/Museum Datapoints). 100+ hours in game.
Modded using Wizard’s Advanced Mode. I'll be updating this save as they add new stuff.

Make sure you already have the platinum before attempting this save if you want legit time stamps!

Link to download on any difficulty - prologue completed (5 MB):

Link to download on Ultra Hard difficulty - prologue completed (5 MB):

Link to download on any difficulty with Sunwing - act 1 completed/quest The Broken Sky (5 MB):

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(lower left, under user postbit) to see the download link.

Confirmed working as of Patch 1.14 in June 2022 (PS4 Firmware 9.60 & PS5 Firmware 22.01-05.10.00) :pepewink:
For exclusive use on PlayerSquared.
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Re: Horizon Forbidden West NG+ Starter Save with Sunwing (PS4/PS5)

Hello - does anybody have a NG+ ultra hard 100% completion save file they are willing to share? I'm stuck on the arena and gave up as it seems to be impossible for me to finish it in ultra hard difficulty. Thanks in advance!