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Horrorfield Clean Mod


Reverse Engineer
October 25, 2020

Hello Playersquared Community, I've been keeping a close eye on Horrorfield, and recently, I had the opportunity to delve into it and incorporate some exciting modifications. In this thread, I'll provide detailed insights into the new additions. Let the discussion begin!

Mod Info:
  1. ๏ Admin:
  2. Description: Indicates whether the user has administrative privileges.
  3. ๏ DoubleRewardAvailable:
  4. Description: The availability of a double reward feature, enhancing user benefits.
  5. ๏ GetDailyBonusForAds:
  6. Description: Determines if users can obtain a daily bonus by not needing to watch advertisements.
  7. ๏ PremiumRewardAvailable:
  8. Description: Indicates the availability of premium rewards for users, offering enhanced incentives.
  9. ๏ NoAds:
  10. Description: Reflects whether the user has opted for an ad-free experience.
  11. ๏ GoldenLockpick:
  12. Description: Denotes whether the user possesses a special item, the golden lockpick.
  13. ๏ DisableAds:
  14. Description: Determines whether ads are disabled for the user, providing an uninterrupted experience.
  15. ๏ Die:
    Description: In the game, despite your character being essentially incapacitated, you possess the ability to traverse through obstacles as if they have no impact on your presence. While the concept of doors loses its significance for you, the primary objective persists. Additionally, you remain susceptible to damage inflicted by the pursuing entity.
Download Link:

  • About the Game
  • Embark on a harrowing journey in survival multiplayer games as you navigate a chilling monster lair. Take on the role of one of seven survivors, each with unique abilities:
  • Basketball Player: Swiftly evade the murderer.
  • Doctor: Heal yourself and fellow victims.
  • Engineer: Quickly fix generators and craft armors and weapons.
  • Thief: Hide from the serial killer with high stealth and agility.
  • Mercenary: Fearless soldier unafraid of the psycho.
  • Scientist: Upgrade military equipment and share wisdom with survivors.
  • Police Officer: Catch the murderer.
  • Collaborate with fellow survivors to formulate a team strategy and escape the sinister lair dominated by the psychopath. Navigate the abandoned lair, encountering terrifying traps and secret hiding spots reminiscent of haunted games.
    Maintain composure to avoid detection by the butcher maniac, ensuring your chance to outlast the psycho killer's relentless pursuit. Swiftly escape the serial killer or face the ominous butcher by combining skills and items, rescuing friends, and strategically navigating the perilous environment.
    Explore every corner of the lair, repair generators to restore power, and unlock the exit gate to secure your survival in the face of impending danger.
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