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OfficialJesseP's $5 PSN Avatar Shop! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

OfficialJesseP's iconOfficialJesseP

How's it going, eh?
December 10, 2018

Before buying read below:

1. I accept Bitcoin & PayPal sent in USD as a friend/family ONLY.
2. You can only have 1 avatar on an account.
3. I have what I have so no requests.
4. Pick an avatar you like from the link below then send the $5.00
5. Make sure you have 2 Step Authentication activated
6. Send your email & Device Setup Password & stay signed out of the account until I tell you I'm done.
7. After I'm done I'd really appreciate if you'd leave a nice vouch on the thread :)

PSN Avatar Pictures

Please Note:
If i don't respond right away it's because I'm either sick or asleep, I'm on Eastern Standard Time so my time might not be the same as your time so please take that into consideration.

Contact Info:


I was scared at first😉 , but the mission was successfully accomplished thank you very much :peperun: 😇.