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US Insta-Plat Star Ocean: Second Story R (CUSA40651)

Sent saves to SW to add in advanced region, have a EU save PS4 if someone knows any other ways of it doing? Otherwise really good save and good to know its Insta just cant test US version that's all.
Cant really re-region the system setting files, I did try manually re-region each file but couldnt get the plat to insta work after PS5 conversion... might need to try again when I back home.. if anyone else figures it out please let me know? Just a few annoying trophies to get.
Ok did some testing and this works as insta plat for PS5 only for US region because the save settings is needed for the plat to work. When you covert this to other region that not US it doesnt insta plat, but you can re-try trophy requirements and get about 60-70% trophies except some story, character and misc trophies.
This is an insta plat for the ps5 version, not sure if it will give ps4 trophies.
you may just need the systemsavedata files and 1 save but i am uploading the full thing just in case
Copy to ps5, open the game and hit the data convert on the title menu and it should plat.

Link (google drive)

Hi, any update which save will just autopop entire game? Also, could I just use PS5 disc, no need to own PS4 version to upload save? I know some games it's a must to have ps4 version to upload so PS5 recognizes, but other games on load PS5 recognizes the saves instantly.

EDIT: towards the save never mind, I just realized their multiple saves in the one, so ok I understand that part as for rest of question any answers towards that? :)