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US Resident Evil 4 REMAKE Complete Save Set - [PS4 & PS5 AUTOPOP] [CUSA33387]


Master Gamer
October 23, 2020

Save Set is now COMPLETE for Resident Evil 4 REMAKE on PS4 and for PS5 AUTOPOP

Hey guys,

I took advantage and changed the region from EU to US for this save set that belongs to [GamesterHub].
Then thank your original post. He deserves it for this wonderful work.

Real Deadeye Trophy is updated in the folder.

Instructions for each trophy. :pepewink:

In Chronological Order: -= Hidden Content =-

1. Revolt Against the Revolting - First try and load the autosave to see if it autopop, if not load the manual save and go for the Clockwork Castellan. You need to do bit of walking but it isn’t far.

2. Nice One, Stranger! & My Preferred Piece - Press continue and talk to the merchant, the trophy will pop. For “My Preferred Piece” trophy, upgrade a weapon.

3. Shield Your Eyes & Amateur Shooter - Press continue, you’ve flash grenade on your hand. There’s no enemies up to the trophy point as I’ve already killed them. Continue with the story, you will come across bunch of birds. Don’t walk through them yet. Stay far and throw the flash grenade on the middle. The trophy will pop. For "Amateur Shooter", continue to the path and you will see the merchant. Go down the elevator and play at the shooting range. The trophy will pop.

4. Harpoon Hurler - Press continue, go to the boat, put the fuel and get on the boat for the cutscene to start. You will get the trophy after you kill the boss.

5. Talk About Near-Death Experience & Knife Basics - Just outside the save area, there are enemies. Shoot to get their attention. Wait until they carry her, shoot at them until they drop her down and the trophy will pop. You can also pop “Knife Basics” here.

6. Grilled Big Cheese, Bandit & A Masterpiece - You are at the merchant. Equip whatever you need, craft before the boss fight. The trophy will pop after you kill the boss. For “Bandit” trophy, after the boss fight, move forward. You will find a truck on your right. On the left, there’s a treasure on top of the tree. Shoot, pick it up and the trophy will pop. For “Masterpiece”, continue with the story, skip the cutscene, talk to the merchant and buy “Exclusive Upgrade Ticket”, upgrade any weapon with it and the trophy will pop.

7. Overkill - For this trophy, you have to kill the enemies with the cannon. You will be at the latest save. Just go through it until you get to the cannon, shoot and the trophy will pop.

8. Never Heard It Coming - Press continue, Collect the key in front of you. Walk back and you will fall down. Run to the other room, hide, don’t make noise. Keep on crouch and stealth stab on the back. The trophy will pop after the enemy dies.

9. Astute Appraiser - Press continue, talk to the merchant, sell “Elegant Crown” with crystals on it. Once you sold it, the trophy will pop.

10. Wave Goodbye, Right Hand - Turn the power on and you will now have to kill Verdugo for the trophy to pop.

11. Hope You Like Thrill Rides! - You are at the 2nd part of the mine-cart. Press continue, go up the stairs, kill the enemies and get on the mine-cart. Don’t let the mine-cart take any damage.

12. Capacity Compliance, Burglar, You Talk Too Much! & No Thanks, Bro! - Press continue, you will standing next to the lever. Get on the elevator and don’t let any enemy jump on the elevator. The trophy will pop after you reach the top. For “Burglar” trophy, get outside from there, you will find the final treasure for castle map. “For You Talk Too Much!” & “No Thanks, Bro!” Trophy, go fight the boss. The merchant is there. Equip whatever you need. All weapons I have in the storage is fully upgraded. Throw the grenade at the boss when the mouth opens. You have enough grenade in the inventory.

13. Two Bugs, One Stone - You will be at the merchant. Equip weapon “stingray” and put the parts “Biosensor Scope” on it. Go to the room where there are 4 enemies in the incubator for the trophy.

14. Trick Shot - Load up the save for “Chapter 14 - 16:08:57” for this trophy. You will be at the merchant, go down the elevator and play one of the shooting range level where you can shoot at 5 target in one shot. I think it should be 4B / 4C.

15. You Used To Be a Good Guy - You are at the final phase of the fight. Kill the boss and the trophy will pop.

16. Jack of All Trades - Load the save, you are at the merchant. Hand out the final merchant request and the trophy will pop.

17. Real Deadeye - Press continue or use save “Chapter 15, 26//03/2023, 20:33:25 on Standard. Objective is Make your way to the summit”. You are at the merchant. Go down the elevator to the shooting range. You only have to get S rank on one as I’ve completed everything. It should be “3-B”. If you are having trouble with this. Delete all the saves and just import the save for this trophy.

18. Raider, You’re Small Time!, Revolution Wind-Up, Smooth Escape & Promising Agent - Press continue, exit the merchant shop and outside you will find a treasure in a chest. Pick it up and the trophy will pop. For “You”re Small Tim!”, after picking up the final treasure. Proceed for the boss fight. Get necessary weapon and items you might need. Go through my storage if need to. After you beat the boss, the trophy will pop. For “Revolution Wind-Up”, after beating the boss, you have to escape. You will find the final Clockwork Castellans after the typewriter. For “Smooth Escape”, keep moving forward and you will get on a JetSki. Slow down if you need to. The trophy will pop as soon as you escape. For “Promising Agent”, skip all the cutscene until the stats page come up and the trophy will pop.

19. Peerless Agent, Proficient Agent, Mission Accomplished S+, S+ Rank Investigator & Sprinter - You are at the end of the game. All you have to do is finish it by escaping. The trophies will pop at the end of the result. This was played on Professional difficulty with S+. I read somewhere it said the trophy doesn’t stack but these trophies popped for me as well. Let me know if it does for you as well. “Mission Accomplished S+” & “S+ Rank Investigator”. If these two trophies doesn’t pop, try turning off your internet and do it offline because my internet connection was off during this gameplay.

20. Frugalist, Minimalist and Silent Stranger - Load save "Chapter 16 Assisted". You are at the end of the game. DO NOT HEAL, you have enough time to escape. Escape, skip the cutscenes and the trophy will pop at the result screen.

21. Gun Fanatic - Load the “Hardcore” save and put hand cannon & Chicago sweeper in your inventory and the trophy will pop. IF it doesn’t pop, check if you have infinite rocket launcher, if not go back to the merchant crossing the bridge and purchase it. (This trophy might auto pop).

22. PS5 AUTOPOP - For this, upload the save. Load up “PS5” version. Go through the prompts, it will ask if you’d like transfer save files from PS4, say yes. The trophy will start popping.

To use this saves please do the following steps:
1. All CUSA folders are in ZIP format, just resign using SaveWizard,
2. Import the 3 files in each save

3. For those who want to import save from PS4 to PS5, before importing save from PS4 version you need to delete any save from PS5 version - and make a manual save for the saves that have autosave only.

The issue is that the saves are only in "Autosave" format.
To import from PS4 to PS5, it needs to be saved in a slot before, so I suggest doing that.

See these two images to prove that the save works on PS4 and PS5.

RE 1.jpg RE 2.jpg

Please, I ask that you only specify what problems you are facing with respect.
They also need to learn to work with the Save Wizard.
I left all the necessary guidelines to help.

I hope it helps anyone who needs it.

Download here
[HIDE] Resident Evil 4 REMAKE [CUSA33387][/HIDE]

User Credits: GamesterHub.

Use the Original post - Save Set EU as a guideline for obtaining each trophy.

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Re: Resident Evil 4 REMAKE Trophies Save Set - [PS4 & PS5 AUTOPOP]


Hey guys,

I took advantage and changed the region from EU to US for this save set that belongs to [GamesterHub].

I hope it helps anyone who needs it.

Download here
-= Hidden Content =-

User Credits: GamesterHub.

Use the Original post - Save Set EU as a guideline for obtaining each trophy.


Can you please re region it to AS ver thanks

Credits to XDG for the as version.
Re: Resident Evil 4 REMAKE Trophies Save Set - [PS4 & PS5 AUTOPOP]

Same here, it doesn't work for PS5 version.

You must re-sign with PS4W a save that has not been changed region before, otherwise it doesn't work.
Re: Resident Evil 4 REMAKE Trophies Save Set - [PS4 & PS5 AUTOPOP]

i resign this two saves and tested and saves not work for me "Nice One, Stranger! & My Preferred Piece" and "Revolt Against the Revolting"
i delete any system savedata related RE4, uploadet to my ps5, run the game, but its not recognize saves
has anyone been able to use this saves? Which save? How did you do it?